Debt Help Online – Consolidating Debt And Repair Your Credit

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

By consolidating your debt you can rebuild your credit by making on time payments, paying off your debts, and increasing your cash reserves. Depending on your debt load, you can improve your credit situation within two years, enabling to qualify for better loan terms.

Consolidating Debts

The idea behind consolidating debts into one monthly payment is that your rates and payments will be lower. With these lower payments, you will have an easier time making monthly payments with enough left over to save or pay off the principal.

You can consolidate your debts with either a home equity loan or a personal loan. Home equity loans have a tax advantage with their interest being tax deductible. You can choose from fixed terms or a flexible line of credit.

Personal loans also allow for debt consolidation. These unsecured loans are based on your credit history and income level. They also have no or low closing costs with flexible payment terms.

Making On Time Payments

To improve your credit history, make on time payments. The easiest way to do this is through automatic withdrawal. You can set this up with most lenders or through your bank. Just by making on time payments for two years, you can improve your credit score.

Paying Off Debts

Your debt liability is also a factor in your credit score. By making an effort to pay more than the minimum payments, you save on interest costs while improving your credit. Also plan on using extra cash from tax rebates or employment bonuses to pay down your debt.

Increasing Cash Reserves

Increasing your cash reserves can protect you from a financial emergency and improve your credit score. Ideally, you should have 6 to 12 months of living expenses saved.

If you don’t have reserves now, start creating them before you make extra loan payments. This way you won’t have to use your credit for any unexpected expenses.

Finding Lenders

As with any type of financial decision, you should research lenders. Online financing companies allow you to request near instant quotes. While you want the lowest rates, be sure that fees are also reasonable.

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