How To Find Out If A Home Business Is Right For You

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

When you first begin to think if a Work From Home Business is right for you, you will find surprising things happen every day.  They not only happen in secret faraway places, they happen all around you.  Beyond the physical world that you can see, beyond your thoughts and emotions, there exists another world. A world of pure potential; a place where anything and everything are possible. 


Just 2 years ago I was working in Corporate America just like you.  I played around on the internet, selling on eBay and was successful with that – I became a Power Seller, only eBay is like working for Corporate America – they have tons of rules to follow and if you want to keep your Power Seller status you need to follow the rules.  Although, I realized that every business has rules – I even have rules in my own business that I must follow in order for me to be profitable and successful.  I have a few ebooks on my site that you may be interest in if eBay is the business you would like to be in.  It is still a very profitable business for me and can be for you. 

In 2007 I retired from my corporate job to nanny my twin grandbabies Lauren and Hudson.  They are the joy of my life. There is nothing better than being a grandmother. I continued to sell my items on eBay to subsidize my nanny income.

Then one day the light came on – although eBay has been very good for me, I wanted to add another stream of income to my work at home business.  I have read in many books that multi-stream income is very profitable.  I knew Lauren and Hudson would start to school one day and not need a nanny, so I began to look for other opportunities- on the internet in addition to eBay.  I firmly did not want to go back into corporate America, I still had my grandbabies and knew that I would soon become the taxi driver to and from the t-ball field, gymnastics, and I certainly did not want to miss their school programs, I couldn’t get myself tied down with a 9-5 job.  I knew that I could make money on the internet, but was not sure where to start

Every day while the grandbabies napped, I would get online and explore different ways of using the Internet to make money. I tried a couple of different internet marketing businesses.  I wasn’t going to give up, not only did I believe that there was something out in that far away place that would work for me, I had a burning desire to have a home based business.  I wanted something that would make a good living, subsidize my retirement and evidently replace my nanny pay; I wanted something that I could do working at home. After all, I had been in the computer business, in one form or another for 21 years, I was educated, I had a good home support system and I wasn’t looking for the million dollar job, just a steady income.  I didn’t want to set my sights so high that I could not attain the goals I was working towards.

In the first year, I spent a ton of money buying eBooks, membership sites, special reports, opt-in leads, and joining every affiliate program that promised success. Soon my mailbox was so full of business opportunities that I finally just hit the “DELETE” key. 

That’s when the light got brighter and I knew that I needed a website.  I needed to get all the top affiliate programs that I did make a profit from into one place. I needed to get organized and stop spending money advertising each of my individual affiliates in single ezine ads.  I needed a website when I could include the top performing affiliates then I could advertise those chosen few on my website.  I had a “Plan”.  Well, that took some learning.   I stayed up night after night trying to learn to build a website.  I bought tons more ebooks, fortunately I was an affiliate of I still had high hopes of making money online.  I knew the internet was a world of pure potential, a place where anything and everything was possible, after all, I had worked with computer most of my adult life and I turely believed that I coul make money on the internet.

In my second year of working part-time to build a home based income, I came across an ad while I doing Pay Per Click and landed on a page for a company named Success University.  I read through the ad and what immediately caught my attention – Make money giving away FREE Professional Development Courses.  This was right up my alley; it was a win-win situation.  I could continue my education and promote the produce to encourage others to continue theirs.  I related to Success University, so I added another affiliate to my list of many.  I really did need a website to manage the many money makers I had become affiliated with.  You can find all the details about Success University on my website


Though I have a family member who is a designer of corporate websites, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to bring him into all this, after all I was in the learning phase, doing this part-time. Continuing my journey on the internet for possible work at home opportunities,  I came across a program Plug-In Profit it was a professionally pre-designed website that actually included the vast majority of my affiliates, I did some research on it and found that is was being used by many people that had successful home based businesses.  I actually got the website for FREE, and only had to pay a small amount per month for hosting fees, and it came with a great support team to help me out while I learned to use it.  I was able to personalize it so that it had the look and feel that I wanted to portray for my business.  Now that I have my first real website up and running  I was working my “plan”, I could advertise all my affiliates on my own website…Life is good.  Affiliate programs ROCK!

This was actually when I felt I had really taken the leap into my first Home Internet Marketing business.  The timing was great, I knew that I would only be keeping the grandchildren for about 6 more months and they would then begin their venture out and socialize with other children in an educational learning center – so having the nanny income allotted me a few months to get up to speed with my new work at home business – after all my eBay Store and my new website would be my only means of income.


Through the many experts available through the free courses at Success University, I have learned that they all started the same place I did.  Although, they are further down the path to financial freedom than I am; they now have money, contacts and have gained a lot more experience than I have. However I had to realize I have not been out in the business world for 2 year, where I could talk to people about my business venture and get input, remember I have a set of now 2 year old twins – my grandbabies, they go to our church school  program 2 days a week, for half a day, but that did not afford me the time I needed to research the vast amount of information to start an home base internet marketing business and build an website, the one thing that I did learn about the “experts”  was that they were not always high earners, when they started they all had to travel the same secret faraway places that I have traveled.   At some point they all had to stay up night after night until they learned the secret of success.

I hope that if you decide to try a home base internet marketing business, that you can get started, and be profitable faster than I did.  However, due to my determination the many nights with loss of sleep and the strong desire to work from home was worth the rewards I have finally received.  I continued to believe that surprising things happen every day, I believe that beyond your thoughts and emotions, there exists another world.  A world of pure potential, a place where anything and everything are possible.  The world of the internet! It is a very powerful world!


I learned from one of the very best that in order to enter that world of pure potential, that world where anything and everything is possible, you must do a few things differently than the rest of us did. You must be able to master your own learning potential.  From the start you must not only have the desire to start a home based business and work outside corporate America, quit the 9-5 shift, be your own boss, control your own time – You have to have a plan to accomplish all this – you have to have a plan to succeed! I didn’t have a plan – I only knew I wanted to have a home based internet business. I like most people started out running for the finish line without a real plan. When I began to see this is more work than I wanted to put into a home base business, I was ready to throw up my hands and walk away, give up my dream; I was disappointed and disgusted. However, instead of allowing this to be a walking away point, this only convinced me that this struggling online entrepreneur had simply taken a wrong turn along the way and was traveling the wrong road.  I needed to turn around, retrace my steps and figure out where I made the wrong turn – when did the light start dimming?

One of the biggest problems I had as a new internet marketer was throwing a website out there and checking the hit counters every day.  This became very depressing to the point that I wanted to give up! I soon realized that even though I had this website, no one is going to look at or even know about it because I didn’t advertise it. I didn’t realize that just because I bought a domain name, got it

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