Guaranteed and Proved to Work Strategies for Lifting yourself Out of Your Financial Crisis and Having Financial Freedom

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

Do you really want to find opportunities of getting rid of your overdraft and your loans which have become an albatross round your neck and your financial crisis or simply just make extra money to afford the good things in life and lead a financially stress free life?   If your answer is yes, then I am prepared to spend my time teaching you how to do exactly that for free with no strings attached.  The same principles and powerful strategies I used and continue to use is what I will be teaching you. Remember, I am not planning to turn you into a millionaire or overnight success, but I can teach you to make a jolly good comfortable living with no financial worries so long s you stick with me.  By the way if anybody tells you they can make you thousands of £ in a week, turn the other way and run a mile.  There is no such thing.  They are only after you money. 

My main purpose of this article is to pave and point the way to your financial freedom by teaching you my strategies, motivating, helping and guiding you – that is if you choose to walk that path to your financial stability and freedom I will create for you.  Whether you follow and apply them will be entirely your choice.  The information is absolutely free and up for grabs.

So really, are your bills building up? Are you afraid to open them because you have no means of settling them? Are you jumpy and avoid answering your phone in case it is a creditor you can’t pay? Are you going from one financial crisis to the other without respite? Do you feel you are under attack from all angles with your financial situation and nowhere to turn despite your best efforts to make ends meet?  Or are you just interested in making extra money? What ever your motive that is fine by me and the good news is you can make money and make savings with my strategies and dig your self out of this financial crisis.

When the future is bleak and uncertain, when this recession is looming and it seems it can’t get any worse, what is needed is to find a way of bringing financial stability and confidence, something that will pull you back from the brink – the doldrums you find yourself in.

Now let’s get straight onto the most important stuff – improving your financial situation through my 4 prong attack strategy.  I plan to give you your first and most important action plan which will get you started on your way to financial freedom in this article and follow it up with a second article which will reveal an equally potent money making strategy without costing you a penny.  My third and fourth articles will be all about keeping you motivated and on track and also discussing other money making opportunities that will help you to create multiple streams of income at very little or no cost at all, so do look out for them or email me at

Strategies for making extra money immediately, in the short, medium and long term

Strategies for turning your talents and hobbies into money making machines Strategies for saving money at home. Strategies for turning your under utilised equipment and furniture into a money making machine

My formula:

2 Hands Off Fast Results Money Making Projects + Domestic Money Saving + Turning Talent into Cash + Equipment Share = Financial Freedom.

 Let me quickly explain my rational behind each of my master strategy and how you can immediately start applying them to ease your financial crisis situation:

Hands Off Fast Results Money Making Project 

Joining an Affiliate programme.   There are just as many thousands of good affiliate programmes as there are of downright bad and dodgy ones and it takes a little skill to differentiate the bad from the good.   This might seem daunting at first when you are trying to find a good one to join but it should not deter you because with a little due diligence on your part you should be able to choose 2 good to excellent ones to start you off and earn you good money. 

Use my selection criteria below for your selection and if you do not have satisfactory answers from a company to your criteria questions, walk away and look for another company.  But if you really are struggling to find your first two or are not confident enough, email me and I will be happy to walk you through my selection process till you gain enough confidence to go by yourself, on the other hand you can get yourself started with one excellent one I use myself:

 –     Is it a reputable company with several years’ presence on the net?

–          Is it a marketing company selling multi products and services?

–          Are the products fast selling and medium priced range?

–          Is the commission 45% and above?

–          Does it have re-occurring billing products and services?

–          Is the company a global one with a range of product/services that appeal to everyone    with no language and culture barriers?

–          Does it sell downloadable materials and niche products?

–          Is the payment structure flexible, giving you many options to choose from?

–          Does it have facilities for paying its affiliates via the normal ATM Cash Machines worldwide?

–          Do you get a guaranteed share in the global sales on monthly basis?

–          Does it pay fortnightly or monthly?

–          Does it have good/excellent support for its affiliate members?

–          Does it have facilities for you to track your progress and commission stats online 24/7?

 Once you have found the two affiliate programmes that you want to make you money, join there and then, do not procrastinate – procrastination is your worst enemy – Till you make a decision to start generating extra income and act upon that decision immediately your financial situation is not going to change.

The next step is to try and set your sights on the high earning bracket of the affiliate programme which will sometimes pay you double the commission rate and also pay you guaranteed residual income month after month without any effort from you as well as giving you a cut of the global money pot month after month.   There are so many ways to do this which I will go into details in an email to you.  Are you committed and serious about making money?

Domestic Money Saving

Yes, I know this might seem obvious.  The normal things you do when times are hard, but you will be amazed if I tell you of so many other simple things you can do to improve the situation and save your self from stress too.  This is what I did when times were hard – I did bulk shopping, and instead of cooking daily and buying lunch at work, I did bulk cooking of about three different nutritious and filling meals – stews, curries, soups, boiled rice to last a week or two, apportion them into two serving portions and freeze them.  Whatever I got out to eat in the evening I took the other remaining portion to work for lunch and alternated between the various meals to avoid boredom.

By doing this I did not only save on time for cooking everyday, but saved on gas, electricity, water that I would have been using on daily basis and I soon began to see the difference it was making to my utility and grocery bills. – Money that I quickly put to use to reduce my credit card and overdraft debt very quickly.

Turning Talent into Cash

What are you good at?  Drama, Painting Drawing, Photography, Singing? Cooking, Entertaining Children? Sewing and Mending? And what are your hobbies?   Can you turn your hands to any of these to generate extra cash once a week or maybe one day during the week-ends or even your spare times in the evening?   Mine was teaching very small groups of children aged 5 to 10 social skills in my own home once a week on Saturday mornings and afternoons – in all 2 hours and 30 minutes.  So what will yours be?

Equipment Share

Have you got stuff like sewing machines, spare chairs and tables, ladders, power jet cleaners etc sitting in your home that get used once in a while?  You are under utilising these things.   Get them working for you by hiring them out to local people on daily, week-end or weekly basis at competitive rates and always remembering to take a reasonable amount of deposit to guard against damage or non return.  Mine was hiring out my sewing machine on weekly basis in my local area – there was a huge market for it.

Wishing you success

A Boadu

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