How to Eliminate Debt Fast with the J Hass Group

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

More and more Americans are reporting they are falling in debt quickly in these difficult economic times. Because of layoffs, pay decreases, interest rate increases on mortgages, and many other factors, people are relying on credit cards and high interest loans to make ends meet. Although it may not seem like the best strategy, when people are faced with losing their homes or not being able to pay necessities like food and electric bills, we all know we have to do what we can to survive, even if that means charging up high interest credit cards, hoping that something will happen to change their financial circumstances so they have the ability to pay the debt back.

While these people don’t necessarily have a choice, they also don’t want to fall further in debt, but don’t have any other options. Once you’ve fallen into a large amount of debt, it quickly becomes unaffordable because of steep interest rates, late payment fees, and penalties, making those in debt feel like there is no way out.

Some people stop paying entirely, while others try making the low minimum monthly payments, when that really just causes them to go further into debt after the interest is applied, the debt amount stays the same or increases, making your small payments worthless and seem like throwing money out the window. No wonder so many feel hopeless if they are in significant debt.

Actually, there may be a way out that you haven’t yet considered. Contacting a debt management company like the J Hass Group may be able to keep you from bankruptcy, save your credit and put you back in a manageable financial situation that you can afford. Groups like J Hass can assist you in creating a plan to satisfy the people you owe while keeping you away from the always feared worst case scenario, bankruptcy.

Although debt management companies often have various strategies to assist a client, J Hass Group focuses mainly on debt settlement. Debt settlement is a process where the company talks to each of your creditors, to negotiate an acceptable payback solution that is less than the amount you owe in full. Often the creditors will base this on a percentage, or remove fees and interest charges to bring the total owed back to a reasonable settlement amount.

Then, the J Hass Group will recommend a strategy allowing you to make a lump sum payment that satisfies the debt, but is also affordable for the client. You can’t expect to be debt free overnight, but within their estimated 36 months, you may be free of debt entirely. The plan can incorporate all of your debt payments, so that you wind up debt free in the end. You will be assigned a financial counselor who is experienced in debt negotiation, who will correspond with your creditors to settle on a reasonable, fair amount to be paid back to them.

J Hass Group has over 100 years experience and a staff of over 50 debt management counselors, who can assist you through this emotionally difficult process and help bring hope back to your financial situation.

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