How Many Times Have You Tried?

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

The Millionaires Industry!

Joe’s Story

So many people jump in and out of MLM/Network Marketing hoping to find their niche. What exactly is your niche? Vitamins, Skin Products, Exercise Equipment, Longevity Products, Discount Services etc. etc.

When you don’t succeed in whichever MLM/Network Marketing Company you choose you tend to complain to the wrong people – your family and friends. The people that normally don’t respect you as a business owner. It’s sad to say but some of them look forward to your failure.

Why? Several reasons.

1. They don’t think owning a business is for everyone and to be honest it’s not! Yet it’s only a great venture for those that work hard and commit to a lot of sweat equity!

2. Some feel that you will leave them behind once your lifestyle changes for the better. Simply because they don’t believe in themselves to improve their lifestyle and you appear to be abnormal to them.

3. And others simply don’t have a clue of how or where to get started in a business.

4. And there are some that just don’t care!

There are more reasons than I could list. However, MLM/Network Marketing is HARD!

What makes it even harder is when we expect the average Joe to become an extraordinary sales rep. And Joe by trade works for the sanitation dept. He really works hard most of the day and his time is crucial. He has learned the basics of sending people to a website and inviting them to a conference call.

So Joe finally persuades Susan at a quick lunch why his opportunity is the best thing since sliced bread. She is very busy most of the day working the front desk answering phones, serving coffee, handling complaints, checking on the baby sitter, etc. etc.

Now Joe is very excited because he just made his first recruit! Not knowing that may be his only recruit due to lack of quality time to sponsor, very little marketing/sales training, lack of sponsor support and a low budget to advertise and maintain his new business.

Not to mention the fact that Joe has a family. A hard working wife and 4 kids! They are barely making ends meet. The Van was bought at an auction, No Warranty, High Mileage, Cheap Insurance, and MAY POP TIRES!! They may work or they may pop at anytime because of the thin tread!!

Joe’s first recruit Susan is basically living the same and both have big dreams of making it big in THE MILLIONAIRES INDUSTRY!

Joe is also a well respected Minister in the Church and at one of his crash basic training sections Joe was told that his product is great for everyone! After all who couldn’t use discount legal services! Everyone has a chance of getting in trouble with the law, right?

Heck NO! As a matter of fact “his product is great for everyone” is far from the truth! Some people may never have a bad experience with the law!

Joe feels that the church can come out of debt if he can set up a meeting with the Pastor and let the big boys do the talking. After all Joe barely persuaded Susan to join and she kind of felt sorry for him hoping that everything would really workout (false hope) for the both of them if they could find the magic 3 that get 3 etc.

Joe steps out of his comfort zone one Sunday morning at a local church meeting. His recommendation for debt relief was of course his MLM/Network Marketing Opportunity.

Bottom line – his idea was SHOT clean out of the door!!

Joe was really frustrated and angry! He really couldn’t understand the rejection. Hey, they taught Joe to recognize a problem and show people how his quick money fixer can be the perfect solution. They taught Joe to just look for leaders, people with a circle of influence. People that had contact with a huge group of others that listens to their leaders advice.

See – by now Joe had listened to a few training tapes, watched DVDS, attended a few company conventions, spent most of his tax money buying the companies marketing material and earned a . Fast Start Bonus for recruiting Susan. Joe had also learned a little about promoting his home based business on the Internet. He expanded his list by trying ezine ads for work from home moms. He ran ads in his local newspaper for retirees and college students. Placed flyers in the shopping malls etc.

By the way his compensation plan was greater than any MLM/Network Marketing Comp. plan worldwide and his product was just awesome.

Therefore, Joe felt as if he had accomplished a few things. And he did!

Joe is not a bad person. He’s really outstanding because starting a home based business, learning the hard and stupid way to market it and spend countless hours on maintaining it is NOT THE AVERAGE JOE! While Joe was determined to one day quit his job! Create a college fund for his children! His wife quit her job! Live a luxurious lifestyle! Purchase a NEW Van! Donate large contributions to help his church get out of debt! Establish a NEW Credit record! Diversify his profits into real estate! And build portfolio income for his grandchildren!

His family, friends and associates made fun of him! Of course they didn’t make it so obvious but he heard bits and pieces of the negative conversations behind his back. Yet, Joe was so confident, focused, determined and persistent he didn’t allow the OPINION OF NEGATIVE PEOPLE affect him!!


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