General tips for wealth management and asset management through purchase of commercial and residential real estate

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

Many people attempt to become wealthy through different means, but many purchase residential real estate or commercial real estate properties in order to gain wealth and accumulate assets.  There are many different ways to perform asset management or wealth management through real estate and a few tips on how to purchase them successfully.

An investor may purchase, renovate, or reinvest into a certain investment real estate property.  One should focus on the investment opportunities that are both viable and available to them.

After identifying a strategy one must then become aware of his/her desires. Are you attempting to accumulate a portfolio of commercial real estate properties to flip?  Or maybe build up an asset base of income producing residential real estate? Make your goals clear and try to stay focused on one investment strategy at a time.

One must set aside a proper amount of time for due diligence to investigate whether or not a piece of property is worth investing in. Have you done an analysis of properties in the area?  Have you consulted with a broker or maybe chosen a mentor that is successful in the commercial or residential real estate industry?

Once a property is identified the next step is to find the proper funding in order to leverage the liquid capital you have.  Options include, but are not limited to, using traditional financing from a bank, finding a private equity investor to construct a joint venture with you, possibly using private placement programs to leverage against an asset, accessing the liquid cash available at some hedge funds… there are many funding assets.

Once all these items have been identified you will be on your way to successful creation of wealth and assets!

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