Candle Home Business: Your Scented Way to Financial Freedom From Home

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

Michael Gerber wrote in his book “The E-Myth Revisited” that success in business is best defined as “being ON it, rather than IN it.”  Michael explained that to be ON business is to manage it, leveraging time and resources to your best favor, rather than to be IN it, doing all the work. Most entrepreneurs however set out on the wrong foot.

Wanting to liberate themselves from the ticking of the Bundy clock in the office, they declared their independence by getting into any kind of work-from-home business, only to end up as messed-up as they first set out.  Joining just any MLM or work from home opportunities for residual income just to bust your 9 to 5 routine and cast your hopes like a starry-eyed teenager on the financial freedom that most business opportunities lure you in, may be fraught with risks. 

Thanks, there’s the candle home business – a scented pathway to real financial success, without the hassles of ordinary business.

Why Candle Home Biz is Making a Lot of Buzz   

Not all businesses afford you the chance to witness a milestone in your child’s life like his walking the first time or your daughter’s school dance. In your disbelief, business can be a tough master when you let it suck you in.  It can rob you of time to enjoy your children or share intimate moments with your “significant other.”  Worst, it can drill your pocket with overhead costs and drain your energies managing your staff and your clients. Lori Moreno should know; she had been there.

With a burgeoning business in corporate America not too long ago, Lori Moreno had money, but no freedom to do the things she loved most like spending time with her family, being with herself or to give in to her passion, which was to travel extensively.  Her management duties seemed always biting at her heels; she was always running on full-gear. Even the financial rewards she thought her business gave her did not provide the sense of financial independence she wanted because the cost of running her business grew in proportion to its size.  Sadly, she realized she was like an employee on Bundy clock – on even longer hours.  She was stuck.

The candle home business set her free.

Not Just Any Candle Home Business.  

As Lori Moreno searched for other streams of income that can provide her with freedom to manage her time around her priorities while earning big, she was introduced to a home business that gave her another crack at success she thought was never possible.  Her candle home biz gave her the spark she needed.

Fast-forward to 2008, Lori Moreno has not showed signs of slowing down; instead she’s bent on achieving bigger things for herself, her family and to the company she owes her success to.

Lori Moreno still remembers her reluctance to join a leading candle home business as she used to be no fan of candles.  She dislikes the soot that most candles emit however gourmet natural wax candles proved her wrong.  Not all candles emit soot; as what Lori Moreno has discovered – some emit good fortune and Lori Moreno’s brand of candles tops the candle home business industry with its unique gourmet natural wax candles and very generous compensation plan.

The Product

Lori Moreno explains that gourmet natural wax candles dominate the candle home business because they are non-toxic, soot-free and bio-degradable.  Made entirely from recyclable materials that are gathered from farmlands throughout the United States, gourmet natural wax candles emit good health with their sweet scents.

The Compensation Plan

The candle home business industry with its multi-layered compensation plan that not only allows a member to enjoy commissions based on his sales volume, but also income from his efforts in sponsoring other people into the program, and residual income based on the total sales volume of his team pays one of the highest commissions among home businesses and Lori Moreno attests that in her years as entrepreneur, this is the most generous compensation package she has encountered.

The Opportunity

Lori Moreno believes that her joining the candle home business is her wisest career move as it realizes for her Gerber’s mantra for successful entrepreneurship:  to be ON it, rather than IN it. 

Now, Lori Moreno does not need to come home late at night and still struggle with a few phone calls.  There is no need for her to spend days away from home, unless she’s on vacation.  She owns her time and she runs her life – mostly to the bank!  And all it takes is just to show another person her gourmet natural wax candles and the business takes care of itself!

Joining Lori Moreno’s team can be your own sweet-scented ride to fortune.  You’ll never know until you make the move.

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