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Written by admin on May 10th, 2012

Some NFL teams have bad practices, some rely on a single player, but when the entire team can’t shake the penalty habit then we have a serious problem.


Coach Wade Phillips should change the game strategy and focus on more on teaching high core discipline to his players. The Dallas Cowboys did it again; four consecutive turnovers on this past Sunday October 19th when they lost against the Rams (34-14). Turnovers can happen on any given Sunday and they are quit popular on game time, but the Cowboys had serious turnovers their past two losses.


If a team has 8 penalties in 56 game yards on a single, I will say they have some issues. Now, the Cowboys have had more than 7 penalties a game the past 5 matches and most of the time the same errors that cost then a game, are repeated on a weekly basis.


Ok, can we blame some of the penalties on ref error? Perhaps we could, but for those who witnessed Sundays game, it was really obvious more slips could off been called, but the refs had some mercy on the Cowboys.


The Cowboys made out of the questions mistakes on the 3rd and 1 also 4th and 1; the Rams took great advantage on the slip-ups and finished the disaster by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Every single Cowboy player contributed at some extends with a flaw. Receiver Patrick Crayton failed some catches; an illegal motion penalty was called on Jason Witten and Tony Romos replacement Brad Johnson was sacked three times.


If a team is cursed with injuries like the Cowboys, the least you want to do is apply for a penalty MIT and to get a little personal and based on summer reviews; the Dallas Cowboys do not have a gifted team that plays fine on Sundays, they just have a bunch of good players, but again what is the purpose of having individual talent if games are won by TEAMS.


The Dallas Cowboys have been hurt with grievances this season; Pacman Jones was suspended and Terence Newman is injured, but probably the greatest issue for the team this season is Tony Romo, whom we know injured his pinky finger a while back.

This might sound rephrasing, but one more time the entire team depends on a single player which is Tony Romo. Romo blooms on improvisation. He has the mobility and quick release needed to convert wildness into excellence, but the bottom line is he relies on a very quick release, solid arm strength and excellent accuracy.


Coach Wade Phillips needs some time alone to conclude whether or not wait until Romo gets better or perhaps use him as soon as possible and avoid an already down hill season.


The Dallas Cowboys as I said before have very talented players; so it’s not easy to accept the 4-3 record on the table this season. The lack of obedience and control on the field can be corrected during weekly practices, but more times than not, those are the things that you spend most of your time getting right in training camp, not during the season.


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