Stock Picks for Investment Beginners

Written by admin on March 19th, 2012

If you’re new to the investment game, stocks might seem a bit overwhelming because of their turbulent nature and the competitive attitudes surrounding them. Even though understanding stocks can be a bit complicated, there are lots of ways to determine which stock picks are right for you as a beginning investor. Plus, starting with stocks is a great way to build your financial portfolio and get a better idea of how to profit from the market. Here are some things to know.


Finding Top Stocks


There are countless opinions and voices surrounding stocks, especially if you’re looking for some expert advice.

Resource websites like InvestorPlace are excellent ways to locate forecasts on current stock picks and investing tips, particularly since information is constantly being updated based on the goings-on in the financial market. You can also use resources like NASDAQ and NYSE, which are the two largest stock exchanges by market capitalization in the world. You don’t have to venture into these exchanges alone, however – stock brokers and financial planners are also a ready option for individuals who want to work with the stock market without the pressures of constantly watching and researching the latest goings-on. Beginning investors without a set strategy in regards to stock picks can work with a broker or planner in order to receive their first bit of exposure into the investment world. However, these professionals do carry with them certain costs and restrictions, so be sure you know that their associated requirements are before you commit to anything.


Profiting from Top Stocks

Investors make money from buying stocks due to appreciation in stock value (buying low and selling high) and generating income via dividends. So, whether you’re venturing into investments on your own or with the help of a financial planner or broker, watch for the warning signs that an investment isn’t working out. Share drops, dividend cuts, and declines in cash flow are all indications of a company that is not going to provide you with a high payoff. Overall, beginning investors should be looking at general trends in the market and linking those trends to specific stocks in order to determine top stocks and investment opportunities.


For instance, the technology and popularity of smartphones and associated mobile technologies have experienced a significant uptick in the past few years. With these technologies becoming an important and seamlessly integrated part of life, tech stocks are predicted to yield promising returns. However, you should plan on researching and assessing which companies are truly in the best position to lead the sector before you put any money down. By making informed and calculated decisions over time, you’ll be able to effectively learn how to navigate stock picks like a pro. 

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