How An Irs Wage Levy Can Affect Your Paycheck

Written by admin on February 20th, 2012

Dealing with an IRS tax debt can cause stress like you have never imagined. Many taxpayers receive constant phone calls and letters from the IRS threatening a wage>, bank levy and even seizure of personal property in order to satisfy the debt. If you are being harassed by the IRS for back taxes, you may lose sleep, become depressed and simply not know where to turn. After all, if the IRS serves you with a wage levy then you will be losing a specified percentage of your paycheck every payday. The action amount will vary from situation to situation but you can bet that it will be enough to put your family in a bad financial state.

You see, the IRS does not care about whether or not you have enough money left over from your paycheck to pay your mortgage. They do not care if you can keep the lights on in your home or food on your family’s table. They only care about getting your delinquent taxes paid and they will use every legal avenue available to get that debt paid. If you are served with a wage garnishment they can take up to 70 percent of your paycheck and they will continue to take that amount until your debt is completely paid off. So, what is a taxpayer to do when faced with such dire circumstances?

The first thing that you need to do is to contact Jay Allen Finn, CPA. Mr. Finn can put a stop to the harassing phone calls and letters and can get that wage garnishment stopped before it drains your family of what little financial structure you have left. Mr. Finn worked for many years as an IRS agent and knows exactly how the laws work regarding delinquent taxes. He can see if you qualify for a program that will allow you to pay your tax debt off much sooner than you may have thought.

Mr. Finn and his team of tax professionals can help you with your

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