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Written by admin on January 19th, 2012

Article by Rob Robertsunz

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the heart of the Sahara Desert, then you probably already know who Mike Dillard is. But for those who have no idea, Mike Dillard is the mastermind behind the now famous “Magnetic Sponsoring” system that has helped thousands of people transform their lives and businesses online. He recently stepped down from this massive 8-figure empire to refocus his efforts on his new program, The Elevation Group.

What Is The Elevation Group?

Another MLM phenom, Mike Klinger recently conducted a 78 minute interview with Mr. Dillard about the ideas and concepts behind The Elevation Group.

The Elevation Group

Under the direction of Robert Kiyosaki, Mike started really becoming concerned with the economy and ways to safeguard ourselves from financial ruin. Coincidentally, I recently became interested in these same issues recently. Mike definitely makes a lot more money than I do but you don’t have to be a Harvard trained economist to see what is going on. I, like thousands of others, have been hit hard during this economic downturn… and it appears that it’s not going to get better any time soon. The worst, I’m sorry to say, is still in front of us.

I’ve focused all my energy one Three things to prepare for the coming economic disaster:

Pay off my debt

Leverage multiple streams of passive income

Invest in assets like precious metals

The Elevation Group proposes to prepare for the worst now in order to be properly prepared for what’s coming.

The Elevation Group Breakdown

How can you become financially free when the economy is in the toilet… even if you do not have buckets of cash set aside to invest?

It’s postulated that the events that are going to take place over the next three-five years may easily bankrupt up to 95% of the world population. Fact: this has already happened many times throughout history, in over Thirty countries over the last Hundred years alone (TWICE In the usa!)

How can you protect yourself??

Here’s The Elevation Group’s Solution:

How Mike has consistently increased his net worth by 280% since 2008, while most lost 30-40% – and how you can do it too.

Why you’d have to be a complete nut job to put your dollars within the stock market at this point in time.

Roth IRA or 401K troubles? Discover a secret “black-box” investment technique the wealthy use to grow their money, and retire 100% tax and debt free, whether the stock-market crashes to ZERO or not.

The top 5 problemes facing the US economy, and the best way to protect yourself from them.

How to earn an additional $ 1,000 to $ 10,000/month as a “Partner” for The Elevation Group.

How you could have turned a $ 20,663 investment into $ 770,796.00 in just nine years in 1980 – and even more this time around.

What events that will transpire in the near future that will skyrocket the price of silver from $ 25 per ounce, to $ 936, and gold from $ 1,380 per ounce, to $ 56,000.

How you can insure your children will grow up wealthy, even if you’re poor right now.

The simple way to acquire cash-flow assets like rental properties, even if you don’t know anything about real-estate.

The THREE things you should HAVE RIGHT NOW, if you want to be on the winning end of the largest transfer of wealth in recorded history, that is taking place right NOW.

Is the sky really falling?

You can choose to believe it or not. I’m just presenting the facts as I know them. Just look around at the economy… it ain’t lookin’ pretty. Instead of bitching and complaining about it, let’s lock arms to learn how to conquer these issues head on. Always expect the best while preparing for the worst!

Just look at your OWN current state of economic affairs…

Can you pay bills and feed your family right now without any challenges?

If you lost your job, how long would before you lost your home, cars and savings?

Do you have 12 months of living expenses set aside “just in case”?

If your currency loses its value. do you have plan for that?

My Final Thoughts on The Elevation Group

No matter how rich you are, it’s my firm opinion that you should always have a look at cutting edge financial education available because if you look around, it is easy to see, it is more intelligent to prepare for the worst so your funds don’t get gobbled up. It happens everyday. Life has a way of throwing a monkey wrench in our plans when we least expect it. S#!% happens! Companies close shop, jobs are lost, unexpected illness occurs, and all kinds of other factors can occur. It is just the way it is.

So for me, my family and my future, learning not only how to survive – but thrive – is pretty darn crucial.

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