Extreme Home Business With Tripazon

Written by admin on January 29th, 2012

Article by Dr. Steve Smiley

A new company called Tripazon has launched and people all over the country are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to earn money while traveling, golfing, and taking cruises.

Tripazon is a network marketing travel membership company that offers discounted vacations, flights, cruises, and rounds of golf. This company gives us a very unique chance to make passive and residual income from other people that love to travel and take vacations.

The company is still in the “pre-launch” phase and is only open by invitation only. If you have interest in working from home and getting discounts on vacation, you’ll find my invitation at the bottom of this page.

How do we make this kind of income?

We refer other people looking for ways to make money from home, or other people who love to travel at discounted prices.

Those people sign up for a membership and we make a fast cash sale. Then we make a residual income from them every month while their membership is valid.

The compensation plan for this company is extremely attractive and the main reason many people are jumping on board with us. You make an income off the very first person you refer in. Your income then doubles from your third referral on.

An added bonus is we are coded to each sale our referred people make as well. Giving us an even better chance to make more income stream.

Now how do we find people to refer?

If you enroll in Tripazon through us at tripazontravelreview.com the Doctors Wealth Secrets System team will send direct mailers to targeted prospects for you. These targeted prospects have been screened for wanting to find a home business opportunity and have “affluent” status.

You can build a website or a blog consisting of everything Tripazon has to offer a potential prospect. Once your blog or website is up you’ll want to add to it every few days or so with new content. Your sign up link can be posted in various positions in your blog and website.

You can spread the word through word of mouth to friends and family. This is such an amazing opportunity that most people can benefit from joining us even if they have no experience running their own business or doing any marketing. The Doctors Wealth Secrets System can do everything for them.

You can build a Tripazon review site where you explain all the benefits of the opportunity and let people know exactly how well you are doing and what you think of this new company.

You can have a Tripazon party, where you give a presentation to a group of people interested in travel and making money from home. This group can consist of co-workers, family, friends, or potential prospects in your town.

These are just a few of the many ways to find targeted prospects they are searching for home business opportunities.

What happens after we start referring people?

After you start building your team of like-minded people. You start making passive and residual income as well as coded bonuses. Then when these like-minded people start referring people exactly the way you did you make even more income. So, once you start building your team you can share whatever marketing ideas you have with your team.

As you start building your team you move up in rank. You start out as an “Associate” with less than three sales. After you reach three sales you move up to “Manager” rank. For the next promotion you need 5 individual sales and you must have 2 managers under you and you become a “Director”. Once you have “Director” status you shoot for 10 individual sales and 4 managers under you to become a “Senior Director”. After this we’re shooting for top ranking at Tripazon called “Presidential.” This consists of having 20 personal sales with 8 managers under you.

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