Written by admin on January 27th, 2012

Article by John David

For the last eight years or so, Falken whose product conceptions are globally distributed and best known under the Clean Plus® brand, has been slowly establishing beachheads in the Muslin world.

Defying the prevailing conceptions of many that Islam was a threat, it has plowed huge time and cash backing its belief that the problem in these states was not one of extremism, but of sclerotic, overregulated economies that stifle entrepreneurship and isolate people from the global economy, depriving them of jobs, services and hope for a brighter future.

Advantaged to a great degree from its decade old policy of pricing to global market by adjustment for purchasing power, coupled to its willing attendance to establish distribution platforms to service these markets, the news is all good. Albeit, these markets are not for the tender of heart or body.

Recent years have seen an emergence of FLKI’s target middle class, and this throughout the Muslin world. FLKI has relentlessly encouraged this capitalist trend, working and supporting the establishment of distribution platforms, retail offerings and targeted advertising and promotional campaigns bridging the cultural gap with extraordinary success.

FLKI recognized nearly a decade ago that the Muslim world was getting younger and that it would have to create 100 million new jobs by 2020 to meet surging demands. Unique in its product groups, offering top performance at purchasing power adjusted pricing, FLKI product concepts have experienced great success and brand identity positioning themselves for an increasing brighter future.

Slowly, markets such as Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Egypt and Pakistan have begun allowing space for commerce and global trade. Local entrepreneurs and businessmen, coupled to FLKI marketing and development staffers have begun to take advantage of these changes.

The result is a meaningful growth in acceptance and sales of FLKI product conceptions.

The signs of FLKI’s managerial decisions and proactive development of distribution of its product conceptions can be found everywhere in the Muslim world. “We believe that while the western outlook for these countries looks grim, that an economic renaissance has begun” said Manuel Garcia, communications officer.

One and a half billion consumers have to generate some clout, and as they move up the economic ladder FLKI is well positioned to benefit from what it believes will be a blending of traditional and moderate Islam with the opportuities and material benefits of liberal capitalism. They’ll want goods they know, goods they have seen for years, goods that work and are priced to their budgets.

FLKI’s policies have already created waves in the industry. The growth of its activities there is triggering reconsideration from competitors whose essential presence is necessary to grow the market from a niche market which it presently is to the $ 4 trillion economies it should represent in 2015.

Defying traditional thinking and the gurus of the global economy is no novelty to FLKI a company that I have, as an analyst, covered since 1997. My thoughts are that as demonstrated FLKI doesn’t expect to turn a tide in just a few years, but that it knows that change is possible and probable and that building a strong tie with the critical middle will help it prosper. I believe that the company is again standing on the right side of the historical evolution, and that its sales and profits will underline its progressive policies.

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