Best Penny Stock Picks

Written by admin on December 30th, 2011

Article by Terry Connor

Penny stocks have been popular for years in the investing community with the thrill of the chase and the possible huge payoff if the best penny stock picks turn out to be a gold mine. Imagine finding the right penny stock right before it becomes the next hottest thing with a payoff that could see a stock worth a couple of cents turns out to be worth over twenty bucks a piece when that company suddenly hits the public realm or is bought out by a corporate giant. The problem of course when it comes to making the best penny stock picks is that there are tons to chose from and picking the right one could have the odds of winning the lottery.

There are a number of systems around that will give you the best penny stock picks each and every day and some range from nuts in the tree house to the top level of penny stock pickers who have a proven track record. Right now the top guy has been a guy by the name of Jeff Connelly who is known as the penny stock prophet whose track record really needs to be seen to be believed. What the penny stock prophet does is send a number of the best penny stock picks to your email each day and what you decide to do with them is completely up to you. Research the picks that Jeff Connelly has sent you and if it feels right pick up a number of the penny stocks and wait for them to literally explode.

Penny stocks are different from a typical stock simply based on the price. Sure Microsoft is a wonderful stock but the cost to invest is pretty darn high and chances are unless you have a ton of money in the bank it is not going to make you a lot of money. Now imagine if you were on board when a stock like Microsoft was still among the thousands of penny stocks out there before it went public. Simply put you would have a heck of a lot of money in the back with this extraordinary best penny stock picks. A ton of initial Microsoft employees are now millionaires due to their stock options when they were first hired. Ten thousand stocks worth pennies is only a couple of hundred bucks but when that stock hit the mainstream and entered the public domain those ten thousand stocks were now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and quickly exploded to be worth millions. That is the power of penny stocks and more importantly the importance of making the best penny stock picks.

If you are interested in the world of Penny Stocks and want to get your hands on the best penny stock picks than I would highly suggest checking out Jeff Connelly and the Penny Stock Prophet system.

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