What is a Levy Release?

Written by admin on November 24th, 2011

Article by Marty Martelle

When a levy is placed, the IRS will seize the taxpayer’s assets, including the monies in a bank account or a persons paychecks. When a levy is placed on a paycheck, it remains in effect until a levy release is granted. A lien works differently. When a lien is filed against your home or your business, it affects your personal property or the title to your real estate.

What is a Levy Release?

An IRS levy can be one of the most devastating tools in the IRS playbook. The IRS can and will levy nearly all of your paycheck. They will literally Collect all money out of your bank accounts. When a paycheck is levied it will continue until the entire tax, including interest and penalties, are completely paid in full or the Levy Release is put into place.

So how exactly are you expected to live? HOW?

Apparently the IRS doesn’t seem to care. They have the legal right to levy and they want the tax money due to them. Paying your house note, rent, utilities, car note and food isn’t their concern. As a result, the IRS will levy your paycheck and continue to remove money from it until the day the levy is released.

Martelle Law Offices Understands!

As qualified levy attorneys, we are aware of something that you probably don’t know: There IS a method to getting a levy released.

We have discovered that, if you are incapable of paying your basic, everyday living expenses such as a home mortgage, rent, utilities or car payment, we can take the proper steps to get the levy release that you need. Of course, we will have to jump through major Obstacles first.

The Way to get your income back is not an uncomplicated one. After the IRS Begins garnishing your wages, they are hesitant to put a Levy Release on the paycheck. However, using the proper channels, we can help you get your paycheck back. It takes some work and a bit of time, but it can happen if you need your paycheck for life’s necessities.

If you can qualify and are in need of your paycheck to cover standard living expenses, our levy attorneys can help you obtain a Levy Release. This will force the IRS to cancel the levy on your paycheck so you won’t starve.

Our levy attorney has a specially designed Levy Release plan that, when followed precisely, enables the firm to represent you every step of the way and get your paycheck back. Our IRS Tax Law Firm has a specially designed the methods to get you that much-needed levy release so that you can keep your paycheck.

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