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Written by admin on November 9th, 2011

A reliable Forex signal input usually involves a combination of factors that all together at the same time.

No single indicator can provide the ideal entry level and the new operator Forex is struggling with this harsh reality. Many find it difficult to accept and spend weeks and months and countless hard-earned cash in search of what might be called the “Holy Grail”.

Learn to trade Forex is a difficult job and should be treated as a business, as well as any other company. It requires a large investment of time, energy, mental discipline and a prudent investment of cash until the skills are acquired.

Trendlines are only one tool operators experienced with use of other indicators to provide a reliable Forex signal input.

Here, we describe two distinct ways in which the trend lines can be used safely.

Using a chart like a chandelier over schedule 60 minutes, 4 hours, or even daily chart, a trendline is established along the largest depressions in an uptrend or across the top of the most important in a downtrend.

1. Momentum Combo

As price moves upward in an uptrend or downward in a downtrend, it will come back and bounce off the trendline at certain times. However, using a trendline bounce by itself as an input signal Forex is too risky. There must be other factors.

Once you have drawn the trendline, you now have a graphical representation of price movements and you will be able to see where the money should go to test the trendline once again.

Now, use other indicators to see if this level where the price would need to return to test the trendline combines with other factors.

Calculate your daily pivot points and draw horizontal lines on your list to mark them.

Run your eyes left on the list and note if there were significant peaks or lows that formed support and resistance in the last days. Support and resistance on the time more than usually provide important reference points.

Use the Fibonacci tool on your mapping software and declining brand and / or levels of the extension on a variety of ups and down swing and see if any intersect the trendline.

Also make sure you have the AMS 200 (exponential moving average) in line on your cards and note if this cup or as close to the trendline.

Now, if you have a combination of two or three of the above meeting indicators in the same place that you now have identified an input signal Forex can be considered a high probability.

Put in your order entry to take along to the point where the trendline intersects with other indicators and to set a reasonable target limit for what will probably be a profitable trade.

For a downward trend, simply use the above indicators in the other direction.

2. Break Combo

The second way to identify an input signal using trendlines reliable Forex is looking for a break of a trendline on a higher part of the time as 60 minutes, 4 hours, or day chart.

Some traders sent the order of entry to go long or short once price broke the trendline by a few pips. It works for some.

But there is a safer way to trade a trend line break.

It should be noted that often (not always, nothing is absolutely certain of the Forex trading) price once broke a trendline and offers 15-30 pips, it will come back, come back and test the back This trendline.

Here again you use the combination of factors mentioned in the previous strategy.

Look to see if the point at which prices can go back to test the trendline coincides or combines with factors such as:

* Pivot Points
* Summits swing back or bottom marking support and resistance
levels * Fibonacci retracement or extension
* 200 EMA

Now, when you place an order for entry to take at this level you do on the basis of an input signal Forex clearly defined.

For a graphic example of the above, see the resource box below.

Be aware that signals the trend line on late trading lower as 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or even 5 minute charts are very high-risk trades. The price will break these short time frames often time during a day and a new operator frequently by drawing them into a job that they later regret.

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