The Special Penalty of Hockey

Written by admin on November 26th, 2011

The punishments should be carried on in the real time of match. But there is an exception of free kick.

They are small penalty and group small penalty
If one member of team get small penalty without goalkeeper, he will keep out of ice place for two minutes. There is no permission of alternation in this time. This punishment is able to be appointed by the team. When the shortage of players because of small punishment and team small punishment, opposite side gets score and the person who is the first to be punished should receive penalty voluntarily.

Major penalties
There will be five minutes departure as big punishment as long as the players get the first big penalty. The substitute is not permitted in this time. One of members should have demobilization in the same match. He get the big penalty again or get this large punishment by the push resistance of club, clubbing person with stick handle, beating with rests and clubs, pricking with blade, dashing the wall fiercely.

There is have a change after five minutes. These are big punishment and serious violation discipline.

Infraction of discipline
The members will have possible of departure if they receive the punishment of infraction of discipline. However, the substitute is permitted immediately. If one player had twice violate discipline punishments in the same match, he would get the serious breach of discipline penalty spontaneously. If the players have the critical or special serious violate discipline punishments, they will leave the match to reach the dressing room to wait for the finish of match. But another player may replace his place immediately.

Abolish the match disqualify
If the players have the punishment of abolishing disqualify, they will go to the changing room after leaving the match. After five minutes there will be other players to replace.

Free ball punishment
Only when one team gets the free ball punishment from small penalty, the opposite team has rights to punish them to be free ball or receive small penalty. If the free ball punishment is caused by serious penalty, there will be free ball punishment and other punishment.

The punishment of keepers’ illegality
When the keepers get the small penalty, big penalty and violate discipline, it is no need for them to be punished on the punished table. What is more, there is one player to have infraction of discipline in the time of match and he is able to replace keeper to get the published table. This player is able to be assigned by the team. But the keeper has more serious punishments than other punishments; he will quit the match. In the meantime; there are other goalkeepers and skaters to replace their positions.

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