Here’s to Stop your Addiction over iPhone 4!

Written by admin on November 6th, 2011

Article by Nancy Bowman

Sell it for the newest iPhone 5

Now that the complaints about iPhone 4 are mounting up, and the news of iPhone 5 is finally set, many iPhone 4 users are trying to reassess the value of their gadgets. Is it now high time for an upgrade?

When iPhone had its unveiling last June 4, Steve Jobs (former Apple CEO) boasted of the ‘gorgeous’ stainless steel casing that surrounds the iPhone 4. Fundamentally, this also acts as the device’s antennas. In addition, this external antenna improves the iPhone 4’s signal strength over the older gen iPhones.

Were Steve Jobs’ claims right despite the fact that the Antenna Gate scandal continues to hover around the iPhone 4 complaints… Well, yes! But pointing to the issue, the connectivity is definitely enhanced- as long as you will not hold the phone with your left hand.

Bridging the gap between the two antennas with an electrically conductive material like our skin dramatically reduces the signal strength of the iPhone 4. This is why when you hold it that way you will experience episodes of dropping calls. The effect became so prevalent that Consumer Reports withdrew recommendations of the iPhone 4 until Apple addresses and fixes the problem.

Just how enormous is the problem? Some users do not mind the gap and are actually fascinated by the phone’s strong reception. But to those users who frequently use their iPhone 4 in low signal areas, and discover the presence of the glitch have been vocal about their disgust and annoyance over the issue.

After four days of an overwhelming pressure to Apple by the damning consumer reviews, the tech giant acceded by announcing to hand out free iPhone 4 cases to all buyers until Sept. 30. The company also offered a refund among buyers who have already purchased a case for their iPhone 4. Talk about costly quality issues.

But to all iPhone 4users out there who are greatly frustrated of their gadgets, I suggest you go out of that rut and experience the chance of getting the newest iPhone 5!

Yes! The iPhone 5 is now confirmed to rock our worlds sooner. And to you, dissatisfied iPhone 4 user, you can now get the chance to get rid of the death grip and enjoy the thrill of owning the newest member of the Apple iPhone generation!

Sell your iPhone 4 now at!, one of the leading companies in the electronics refurbishing industry, offers the fastest and the most secure way of getting your ‘dream gizmo’ without shelling out hundreds of dollars for it. How? Because you already have the money in your hands! Why? There is your iPhone 4!

Sell your iPhone 4 and be ready for every challenge technological trends set for you. By going online and logging on to, you are helping yourself in more ways than one. All you have to do is to indicate the model and condition of your iPhone 4.

This is convenience is at its best. You don’t need to type in all the technical specifications of your iPhone 4. In fact, all you need to use is your mouse and click the scroll down menu. There, you can choose the correct information regarding your device. When it comes to the condition of your iPhone 4, you only have to choose between (a) powers on and works fine or (b)has a bad or missing battery, (c)does not power on and (d) has a cracked or defective screen. A friendly reminder: be as objective as you can in carrying out the assessment to get a quote that is right for you.

This is the most exciting part. At the next click, you’ll know how much we are willing to offer you in the form of an online quote. At, we give premium value to your iPhone 4. Because you are very important to us, we will only give the highest quote for you.

Once you accept our terms of agreement, fill out the online shipping form with the necessary details like your personal information, mailing address, and contact number. Don’t worry about the shipping costs because the company will pay it for you.

A few more instructions and you can get the payment either in the form of a mailed check or money transfer through PayPal.

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