The nineteen stocks fell below net assets

Written by admin on October 27th, 2011

Article by Jion

By September 6, closing, 19 only A shares dipped below, unfortunately, net assets into the net gens “. In these broken net stocks, steel stocks, including A large number of anyang steel latest city net rate is only 0.70 times, equivalent to seventy percent of net assets, become the sale of the net the largest amount A share.

At the same time, “infrastructure two stars” the China railway construction and China on net rate, China railway just 0.92 times and 0.95 times, be broken and a group of the net. In addition, the papermaking industry of China peaceful shares and ChenMing paper, highway of the north China plate high-speed railway transportation industry and expected, all did not escape the railway net of bad luck.

Analysts believe that history is the situation, the net shares appear often means that distance in the market, and therefore is not far from the bottom has investors think that at present market has appeared at the bottom of the signal.

But not all researchers agree that point of view. It is thought that, on October 28, 2008 Shanghai composite index makes 1664 points adjust low and on the day of the net amount of the 175, but at present for only two cities of Shanghai or shenzhen, the net only a only 19, the absolute number of net speaking, will present as market bottoms seem to point it’s too early to tell.

Shenzhen stock market tumbled after days while, May 24, but walked out of a wave of a touch on the market, the Shanghai composite index rebounded small plate dropped to the lowest since the end of January, ShenZheng decline after narrow ChengZhi is take the lead in a modest recovery. At 2767.06 points, a boomed in the session fell 7.51 points, down 0.27%. ShenZheng ChengZhi significantly stronger trend, 11749.92 of a point in the session closed up 7.74 points, or 0.07%. This is a little bit like how much sorrow and despair. Since may, grail concussion arrangement for two weeks, short-term market change in the edge of the plate, people can not help but ask: why the stock market by the heavy defeat? Enter the area? Whether search Market outlook will go?

“Black Monday” below 2800 points

Shenzhen stock market the heaviest A day is thwarted by people known as “black Monday” May 23 May be due to the CBRC commercial Banks leveraged the measures for the administration of the public to solicit opinions multiple factors, the A share market in this week’s first trading day peatlands plummeted. The Shanghai composite index fell below 2800 points, and a integer three and a half months closing low. ShenZheng ChengZhi have more than 3% of the fall.

Last weekend, the China banking regulatory commission is drafted the leverage ratio of commercial bank management measures of public for advice. The personage inside course of study thinks, this means that China in commercial Banks four new regulatory standards, namely the capital adequacy ratio, a provision rate, leverage ratio, fluidity, and the detailed rules for the implementation of the start gradually “fall to the ground”. As investors worry listed commercial Banks may take refinancing, and other means to to meet new regulatory requirements, the A share market formed A bigger impact.

The base investment on Monday that A share, A sharp drop in the fall, and by the middle of January plunged two similar, making for months down the biggest jump, build more than 20 days to 2800 for the sorting of rail near the platform tumbled in present day fell below, low open all the way down after the posture of the winners concussion, closing and breaking the grail in line, technology form another dramatically worse. Lead to crash or and complex external environment a comprehensive associated.

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