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Written by admin on October 5th, 2011

A Special Message For The Person 
That Finally Wants To Live Life On Their Own Terms…

“Give Us Just 3 Days And We Promise 
To Give You The 7 Step-By-Step 
Blueprints To Our Most Profitable 
Internet Marketing Businesses That 
Made Us Internet Millionaires In Less 
Than 2 Years!”

That’s right for 3 exciting days two 
young Internet Millionaires are going 
show you how you can use the 
Internet to change your financial 
future forever!

FROM: Shaun Stenning & Vince Tan

Have you ever dreamed of being financially free and wealthy so that you never have to worry about money ever again?

Seriously, have you ever thought to yourself…

“I wish I was wealthy… I wish I didn’t have to worry 
about money all the time!”

You see if you’re like most people we meet then your answer is probably “Yes”.

Am I right?

If it is yes then we are going to make a bold statement… and say that this will be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read.

We say this because of three (soon to be very clear) reasons…

Your Timing — The Next Wave Is Coming! – It’s true the most profitable money making wave in history is coming. Driven by new technology and the power of the Internet this next wave will create a new generation of millionaires and multi-millionaires out of people just like you. 

The good news is right now by reading this message today you are positioning yourself at the start of this Internet driven wave that is set to take the world by storm. (No, this is not hype because this next money making wave is driven by people just like you, who have a hunger to learn more so that you can live life on their own terms.)

Real Proof From Real People – As Internet Millionaires we have thousands of successful and happy students around the world. You’ll meet a few of them in this letter, so make sure you read every word because we want to help you get the same results. 

Make no mistake this “Next Wave” is coming and it will create Internet Millionaires from people just like you. You just have to be smart enough to get on this next wave early by learning from real Internet Millionaires with the results in the bank like us.

Internet Millionaire Secrets… Seven Proven & Tested Internet Marketing Blueprints – Right here in this letter you’re going to discover 7 of our best “Internet Marketing Millionaire Blueprints” for making money online that have made us Internet millionaires in less than 2 years!

In fact you’re also going to discover how you can get access to us and our 
“Internet Business Millionaire Blueprints” for 3 full information packed days.

What’s more this will be the first time we have come together on stage in Malaysia and Singapore to share with you how you can join us on this next money making wave.

Listen carefully because if you want to join on this “Next Wave” and become part of the “New Generation” that will become financially free quicker than any other generation in history…

“We personally want to help you 
retire from your current 
JOB in less than 2 years from now!”

Did you read that? We will say it again for you…

“We personally want to help you 
retire from your current 
JOB in less than 2 years from now!”

And as if that’s not enough we are going to show you exactly how you can do it step-by-step until you succeed. Plus we’re going to give you unlimited access to us and give you all the tools you need to change your financial future forever. 

What’s more to make it even easier for you we are also going to provide you with additional bonuses, resources and prizes to help you every step of the way. And that’s just for starters, as you soon discover! So make sure you keep reading because this is going to be fun.

Now it’s fair to say nobody has ever told you that they want to help you retire from your current JOB in less than 2 years from now. Have they?

Nobody has! And we guarantee you that nobody with the same results we have in using the Internet to make money will ever say this to you again!

By the way just in case we’ve never meet here’s a little bit about our backgrounds just so you know we are the real deal when it comes to making money online.

Shaun Stenning has over 7 years experience as an Internet Marketer and in that time he has built, sold and been a consultant to a stack of multi-million dollar internet businesses.

Over the last 2 years he has educated thousands of budding internet marketers in Australia, the UK, Malaysia and New Zealand and has a passion for helping everyday people to learn how to tap into the vast opportunities that are available online.

Shaun is recognized as an innovator and educator in the 
internet marketing realm and attributes his many successes to the fact 
that he is not afraid to learn through trial, error and experience.

Shaun is a huge believer in the fact that in order to achieve success online, a crucial element is your mindset and he is passionate about sharing with others what it takes to think like a successful internet marketer.

He is also a big advocate of the fact that internet marketing is first 
and foremost about creating the lifestyle you want and giving you 
the power of choice and secondly about the money.

Shaun is a published author and contributor to several bestselling books.

Vince Tan is an author, software developer, business consultant and most of all, an evangelist in Internet Marketing. Vince started using the computer at the age of 7 and has been creating websites since the early age of the Internet. Recognizing his talent, top magazines flocked to interview Vince while he was still a teenager. Since then, he has moved on to start his own successful web development company while still studying at KBU International College where he graduated with First Class Honours in Software Engineering.

He was employed as a lecturer even before the convocation ceremony and was promoted to Course Coordinator within a short time frame of 9 months. After he worked 2 years as the youngest lecturer in the college, Vince finally decided to move on and run his web development business full time.

While running his web development business, Vince has been constantly doing business offline and online. He discovered Internet Marketing at World Internet Summit Malaysia in November 2006 and rose to the very top in an extremely short time. At the end of 2007, Vince Tan raked in a 6 figure income while working from home with 8 virtual employees worldwide.

Some of his income records include earning $ 69,000 in 7 days, 
$ 25,000 in 24 hours and $ 170,000 in 10 days! Also, in less than 12 months 
after venturing into Internet Marketing, he attended the World Internet Summit 
again in November 2007, not as an attendee, but as a speaker. 

He went on to break his best personal record in 2008 by earning 
over $ 100,000 in 3 days with his project. Most impressively, 
he did it without any money upfront!

Okay now that you know who we are. You need to know about our 
big idea and grand vision to help you!

You see we both have a grand vision to help a few people who put their hands up and say…

Make no mistake this plan involves taking you to levels of financial freedom that right now you think are impossible and unachievable for you. Well the good news is we’re here to help you and to show you that it’s not impossible. You can achieve financial freedom in your life. 

We are completely serious here and as you’ll soon see from the proof that we have provided below that we’ve already started helping a few people just like you reach their financial freedom goals using the power and leverage of the Internet.

Make no mistake this is the opportunity you’ve been searching for. This is your one chance to step up and make 2010 the year that you get on your path to financial and JOB freedom.

How do we know this? Well simply because we have already started helping people just like you do to do this in 2010.

You see, very soon we are launching a new book called.


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