Personal e-Pro Real Names College Entrance Examination: Online Shop fortunes difficult to make real

Written by admin on October 31st, 2011

Article by hi joiney

HC communication network  “Real-name system” can be said is a growing vocabulary of fire, and in addition to real-name system had air tickets, train tickets started a pilot real-name system, the former burst of Chongqing Municipality announced plans to launch Internet real-name system, the QQ group, micro blog, Mobile SMS, etc. are also included in the scope of regulation. In Electronic Business prevalent today, SAIC developed a “network of commodity trading and related services, behavior management Provisional Measures”, that Online Shop real name system, the affects hundreds of millions of buyers a seller’s nerves. “Measures” draft request, and individual must be real names online shop, with conditions should also apply for business registration. Thus, the personal Online Shop about real names, big volume sellers need to pay taxes and other personal topics brought to the air waves, there is a good person, was questioned.

Then, Shop personal e-real-name system and what impact will it?Monitoring, according to CNNIC, China’s online shopping market in 2009 reached 250 billion yuan deal size more than double the growth in 2008; at the end of 2009, the scale of Chinese netizens reached 384 million, of which Taobao total of 170 million registered users, 2009 transactions exceeded 200 billion yuan mark.

Network in such a prosperous market behind, consumer complaints are increasing, does not arrive after payment received, goods received does not match with the set of goods or Maidaojiahuo. Taobao trading platform which such a “genuine security,” “returned seven days” and other services, only self-discipline, no relevant laws and regulations, for those who play shot for a local seller, and there is no deterrent effect, consumer complaints can. The same operators who were dissatisfied. Face selectivity, deliberately finding fault of the customer, poor as a reason for sellers to refund money, the seller is likely to remain silent and his Chi Diankui. Therefore, Shop real names online shopping can fill gaps in supervision, protection of the interests of both online shopping.

However, more is the question we hear the Voice, “a competition for profits,” “increase operating costs, passed on to consumers,” “anti business” and so on. Most online shop revenue model is cheap small profit, if a lot of money collected by the state registration fee and 4% VAT, so many sellers want to close down, or the costs onto consumers. In addition, low-cost online shop to solve hundreds of people, including the employment of recently graduated students. Online Shop real names in the end it is good or bad, to determine whether long-term trend?

First of all, the real name system Online Shop now moving too quickly?Although e-commerce development and regulate long-term plan to protect the interests of consumers start, Shop Real Name System “more good than harm.” But we should also take into account the emerging e-commerce industry has seemingly begun to take shape, but in fact is very immature, management policies should be introduced gradually ease, anxious instead of the problem to intensify.

Secondly, Shop real names can really play a role?Some have questioned the store to do a business license can not be guaranteed without Sell Counterfeit and shoddy goods, Shop how to ensure? Online Shop real name system may not completely eliminate bad behavior, but it is a signal, fraud costs and risks are greatly increased.

To Korea, for example, from the implementation of real-name system since 2005, South Korea all have been the introduction of electronic trading website real-name system. Residents asked to fill out web registration card number for instant authentication login, false numbers will not be through a national network authentication system. Through these real identity information can be traced to a registered person for each residential address and date Mobile Number.

Then, on the management, the long-term interests and how to choose between motherhood and ensure the implementation of real-name system Online Shop under the premise of ensuring fairness to minimize the efficiency losses?

First, the implementation of the Online Shop real-name system for the purpose of regulating, rather than fee-based management.

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