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Written by admin on October 7th, 2011

This has become an extra way to earn some money. Absolutely this is not a big deal. Only two things you would require to start stock trading are a computer or laptop and an internet connection. However, this is not to be dealt carelessly. In the coming next one year it is said that 70%-90% people may lost their invested money.

Careful inspection of the market status will need in stock trading. .

To pick the right stock, here are some guiding lines. In this trading everyday many new beginners are seeking for help. After investing the beginners end up in loss due to blindly follows the free advices.

The so-called “Best Stock Picking Service” will by few cheap shares and expects the people to buy these shares in a hiked price. For an instance if the share rate is $ 0.02 then it may become $ 0.25 in next few days, this type of advertisement confuses the people mind. The new comers in trading easily attracted by such promotion and end up their business in loss. Most of the traders are greedy and they start buying the shares expecting the price to rise up. The price may rise initially due to sudden rush.

However, after few days “Best Stock Picking Service” will sell the shares in a lesser exit price and hence prices start falling. So the followers of that service are end up with great loss. Research about the stock market only will help you if you are interested in stock trading. You always learn the skill of stock market. This will prevent you from falling into the trap of such misleading services that fool the investors without their knowledge.

You can start your research going through books specialized in stock marketing. You can also attend seminars given by great personalities on stock market and learn few basics. Experienced stock market professionals will advice you further. You are the best stock picking service do not forget this.

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