Finding a Great At-Home Business Opportunity in Writing

Written by admin on October 25th, 2011

To find a workable idea for an at-home business opportunity isn’t as hard as it sounds. A home-based business doesn’t require the kind of investment in time, money and know-how that a traditional startup requires. All you need is a good bit of acquired or seat-of-the-pants knowledge on how your industry works, and in no time, people with writing and marketing skills can be halfway there with building their own home business.

Freelance writers are often seen as people who will only work for established magazines and other regular publications. It doesn’t have to be that way. Freelance writers are routinely hired to write training manuals, marketing material, press releases and sales pitches. As easy to start and as profitable as an at-home business opportunity in writing can be, this isn’t something just anyone could do. To be successful, a freelance writer needs a good amount of training in the field he or she decides to write in. For instance, how could a freelance writer write a training manual or marketing plan without an MBA? Working at home isn’t for everyone – you have to be goal-driven and personally motivated to be able to push yourself to work hard even when there is no one supervising you or driving you.

If an at home business opportunity in writing sounds like just the thing for you, what you need is to build a great portfolio to help persuade potential clients with. Prepare your portfolio with samples of the kind of freelance writing you’ve done before. A portfolio can be built out of free work you offer to do for places like social work institutions.The PR campaigns and pitches you can design for social work institutions for free can help build your portfolio before you go ask for paid work. If the at-home business opportunity you’re interested in has anything to do with SEO writing, your best shot would be starting a great blog yourself and building up a series of posts over time. Nothing could advertise your abilities in writing as a successful blog can.

The best thing about starting a blog to showcase your abilities with is that you don’t just get to polish your writing skills, you get to earn an income through Google’s AdWords and through affiliate marketing programs. If things go well enough, if you have a profitable niche that you started out with, you might even end up making a great home business opportunity out of your blog.

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