1031 Tax Exchange Database

Written by admin on October 3rd, 2011

Article by Ellen Gentry

It is very hard sometimes to find a property which you will want to hold in your real estate portfolio for a long period of time when you know that you have a fast approaching deadline. This article will focus upon locating a tax exchange database as this might provide a list of properties which you may be interested in.

When you are looking at acquiring your property, remember that you only have a 45 day window from the time that you sold and closed on your old property from which to identify a new property or properties which you will want to buy to complete the 1031 tax exchange. You must also close upon these properties within 180 days from the time that you sold and relinquished that very same property. Thus, the 45 day identification window and 180 day closing on properties window are running time currently.

If you search on the Internet for a 1031 tax exchange database, you will fight a couple of websites which offer 1031 tax exchange properties by state. You may be able to find some properties this way but they were very slim as of recently. Another good way for you to come into contact with a 1031 exchange database is to ask your qualified intermediary where he or she would recommend searching for properties. Qualified intermediaries deal with knowledgeable agents every day so they should be relatively well-connected and able to point you in the right direction to a quality 1031 tax exchange property which meets your criteria. A qualified intermediary with national offices can also be a benefit for you as you are able to locate properties in many different states based upon their connections hopefully.

A 1031 tax exchange database is important for you to consider because there are certain steps which you must take when presenting an offer on a property. These could very well be conditions which the seller would refuse. Knowing that someone is open to doing a 1031 exchange can make your job of finding properties much easier. Hopefully this article on a 1031 tax exchange database has given you good information on a couple of different steps you can use to help you locate the properties within the timeline as mandated by the IRS.

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