Two Foreign exchange Trading Signals That Are 90% Profitable

Written by admin on September 28th, 2011

Some Forex trading techniques promise high rewards however provide no statistical knowledge to back them up. Many automated trading techniques make claims of great success and should show trading information but they offer no information on how the trade signals were determined.

Can a trading system trade at success rates as excessive as 90%? Sure they’ll and the statistical information is there to prove it.

BUT the trader wants to concentrate on what they’re looking for. For trades to be successful they require momentum. Momentum needs to be obtainable in two directions at the identical time like a ball thrown into the air. It has momentum up from the power of the throw, and it has momentum down from the force of gravity when it reaches its peak.

There are four signals that traders should study in order to discover this peak and when to reap the benefits of it. They are Bullish and Bearish Divergences and Bullish and Bearish Reversals and they’re found on RSI charts.

The indicators will inform you when and the place the momentum modifications, the market will let you know the second type of momentum, i.e. (the time of day and the condition of the foreign money pair you’re trading.)

Step one as a Foreign exchange trader is to find all the divergences and reversals on your trading chart for the currency pair you are trading and the time frame you might be trading. I recommend beginning with the EURUSD and the hourly time frame and I counsel trades that occur after the information of the day EST and earlier than the London market closes. Finding all of them could be a task. You’ll give you the chance to find them quicker with The RSI Paint Indicator.


Divergences are properly-identified among traders, reversals are not. Reversals are the “energy” sign behind trending markets as they are the alerts that tell the trader when to re-enter the trend.

First, traders can find out how highly effective these alerts are utilizing data that has been derived statistically. This isn’t subjective trading like hand-drawn trend strains, Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Gann, or some other subjective trading method.

In downtrends, over ninety% of profits come from destructive reversal indicators when the sign occurs between eighty RSI and 40 RSI (really 92.6% within the downtrend on the EURUSD beginning December 2009). In uptrends, over 90% of income come from constructive reversal signals when the sign occurred between 60 RSI and forty RSI (really 94.5% in the uptrend on the EURUSD of 2009). Destructive reversal alerts averaged over one hundred fifty pips per trade, constructive reversals averaged just over 100 pips per trade.

How do you find reversals? A optimistic reversal happens when the trader finds two RSI points where RSI is decrease on the second level but value is higher. A detrimental reversal is simply the other, where RSI is larger at the second level but worth is lower. The size between the two points does not appear to matter and they can be found on any trading pair and any time frame.

Discovering reversals may be tough to do at first however there may be an RSI indicator known as the, RSI Paint Indicator, that locates all of these indicators for the trader automatically and from which the above knowledge was derived.

Third, they want to be taught when to trade these signals. Nearly all reversals are profitable, studying the place they’re and when to trade them takes time however most traders can learn moderately rapidly similar to any younger youngster knows when the ball they tossed into the air will come down and where.

These alerts can be utilized to verify another trading system signal or they are often traded efficiently as a standalone method of trading.

Paul Dean is the owner of You Be taught Forex and has been trading Foreign exchange for nearly 5 years. He has worked extensively with RSI, the Relative Strength Index up to now three years growing new insights with trader/programmer, David Moser. Their research has dropped at mild important statistical data regarding RSI that benefits traders who use it make higher trading decisions.

This data is out there in his eBook, RSI Fundamentals: Starting to Advanced with 195 pages and over 100 colored charts in downloadable format, all a part of a statistically based Foreign exchange trading system, The RSI PRO Foreign exchange Trading System, which makes use of 4 indicators on RSI to trade. As nicely as, he has developed a profitable indicator known as the RSI Paint Indicator (with David Moser) that was adapted from a normal RSI to alert traders all four RSI signals.

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