Tips For Late Filing of Taxes

Written by admin on September 3rd, 2011

Not filing of taxes is a culpable felony in some jurisdiction. But the government such as that in the United States, late filing of federal taxes is not a punishable offense in order not to totally discourage the taxpayer from filing his taxes. However, late filing of the taxes is subjected to additional penalties or fines for the taxpayer not to be lousy in his obligation. In case you are late in filing federal taxes, you have to bring all the taxes that is due in order for the taxing personnel assist you in computing your tax liability.

You need to get the proper form and publication. Don’t forget to put the date, sign and mail it to your local tax bureau. Payment of tax can be made by cash, money order, cashier’s check or electronic funds transfer. If you are qualified for a payment plan, you should comply with the requirements provided by law.

But the law encourages that taxes be paid in full to avoid inconvenience in the part of the taxpayer.

Know the hotline numbers or website of your local tax bureaus if you need information about filing or other concerns. Remember that if you continue to ignore the local taxing authorities demands for you to file your returns, they maybe compelled to attach your properties or may subject you to fines or even criminal prosecution. This is an obligation of every citizen of a country. If you want the government to work for you, do your share by promptly paying your taxes.

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