The Secret of the Millionaire Mind – Part 1

Written by admin on September 5th, 2011

Article by Sylvia Dickens

Who doesn’t like the idea of becoming a millionaire? It removes all financial worries, provides current and future comforts, ensures a worry-free retirement, and enables us to do absolutely anything we want, when we want. It removes so many restrictions. It can make life fabulous.

No wonder people are always grappling with the question of how to achieve financial wealth, and how to become a millionaire – they demand to know the secret of the millionaire mind.

Many believe the answer lies in this mysterious secret. To become a millionaire surely must require some special skill ‘the rest’ of us just don’t have or haven’t mastered. Some of us believe we’re just not smart enough to figure it out, or we aren’t fortunate enough. It’s just not in us to become millionaires. Blaming is also part of the ‘excuse’ we use when things don’t work out.

There are many theories on why some people become millionaires and others don’t. The economy right now is ripe for people to make a lot of money, more so than ever.

The common theories, or opinions, are that millionaires are ‘just lucky’, or they came into money so it was easy to make more.

The answer eludes us. Many of us even believe we’ll never know that secret of the millionaire mind.

People often say, ‘it’s easy to make money’, yet so many of us are still struggling only to make a pittance. We are at the mercy of our bosses who control the purse strings. We slave away, hoping to learn that secret

Fact of the matter is, anyone can become a millionaire. Many millionaires have already proven that. Some came from a background of poverty where there was no inheritance to get them started. Look at Oprah. She is the perfect example of a person who came from a home with little to becoming not a millionaire, but a multi-billionaire. So what was her secret?

The quick answer is that there are many elements that make up that secret, starting with how we feel about ourselves. Much of what we accomplish is largely based on our self-image and whether it’s good or not so good.

Do you think Oprah would have become rich if she’d allowed negativity to move her forward?

If negativity exists, you can never expect to become rich. So you could say success absolutely does have its roots in the mind.

The secret of the millionaire mind is that only positive thoughts and beliefs are allowed to exist there. Unfortunately, the negativity that many of us have comes from our sub-conscious beliefs. That’s where we placed our early beliefs based on how we decided to respond to our environment. These subconscious beliefs became ingrained at a very early age – most of it before the age of 5.

A majority of people don’t even know they hold negative beliefs. That’s where listening to our thoughts can be very revealing.

If we listen closely, we’ll hear thoughts like these:

“If only I had more education when I was young…”

“Millionaires got a good start in life, not like me…”

“I never had the support growing up, but if I had, I’d be a millionaire today…”

“I’m not smart enough, just look at my track record…”

“Bills keep coming, my job doesn’t pay enough to get by. I can never get out from under…”

“I have a family to support. I have responsibilities that take up all my money…”

“I don’t deserve to be rich…”

“Yea, being rich would be nice, but I don’t know the first thing about how to become rich…”

“I don’t have any money to blow trying to invest and make big money…”

Do any of those sound familiar? Keep listening and you’re sure to identify your own negative thoughts. Watch for anything that sounds like an ‘excuse’, because that’s all they are. Excuses to prevent you from making any changes that might make you uncomfortable.

The millionaire, if he or she didn’t already have a positive self image, learned how to reprogram those subconscious beliefs. This is the secret of the millionaire mind.

It’s a difficult task to make this drastic change in your subconscious if you don’t know how to do this. There is a product that can teach you, however.

I recently came across an ebook titled, “The Midas Method”. It explains in simple steps how to get into your subconscious and change it. It details exactly what you have to do in order to share the secret of the millionaire mind. It covers such topics as goal setting, how to develop a positive self image, how to overcome your negative beliefs in yourself and your abilities, and what you have to do to achieve your goals, whether they are to become wealthy or to make other improvements in your life.

I’m currently working on a real-time book review where you can follow along with my experience with this product. Every week I will be doing the exercises and entering my findings on my blog so you can follow along. You can catch it at my Real-Time Product Review Blog

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