Marketing is For The Buyers’ Prerogative

Written by admin on September 13th, 2011

Marketing is a profound word. It encompasses many factors and if one speaks of marketing he may be trying to give a broad outline of the subject. Marketing means placing of a particular commodity with such finesse that the chances of it being noticed improves, which may have an impact on a buyer to identify his need and subsequently makes a decision to purchase. If we take this as the definition of marketing, we have to analyze the entire sentence of the definition. Let us scrutinize the definition once again.

The initial stress is on the word” Placing”. This action relates to the positioning of the commodity in the market. It is an interesting subject and one has to understand the role of good placement or bad placement and subsequent effects of such placements. If a product is well placed, meaning if the time and the situation is in the favor of the product, there is a chance of it being recognized.

You need to show your skill to make the placement. You must understand the difference between two dissimilar situations and should make out the one which is suitable for the particular item. You need experience and the ability to recognize signs of the market trends and be watchful to note these minute but important signals. If you want to sell greeting cards and gift items, you have to wait for the holiday season in general. What about the rest period of the year? You have to think deeply and find out a way to place your products at the most appropriate moment to get noticed. This is the flair of a marketing person.

Impressing a potential buyer is the next step that marketing is destined to do. Look at the market from the buyers’ point of view and identify what does the buyer is looking for. Shape your product to the tune of the buyers’ need. It becomes easier for the buyer when he finds resemblance to his needs. Resemblance turns into recognition and that is the key to you success in sales. As a marketing person, you must make it for the buyers’ advantage and create your schemes accordingly. You will find marketing to be very simple and rewarding.

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