5 Reasons Why USP Is A Must To An Online Home Business

Written by admin on September 19th, 2011

Article by Juhani Tontti

Have you ever watched your online home business website with the eyes of the visitor? Have you tought, what unique benefits does your site offer? Have you seen it difficult to build an USP?

To become a success story every online home business website requires USP or unique selling proposition. People hate copycats and the me too products, because they cannot see them as the trusted brands. Nothing copied cannot be good.

When a marketer surfs through the sites inside his niche, he will notice, that most of them offer the same, generic things using different desings and contents. The products are majorily the same and the copystyle also. How can a marketer stand out from this crowd, or is it even possible? The short answer is, it must be possible!

1. What Does USP Requirement Mean?

It means, that the site visitor sees your website as a unique one, which offers benefits, which other websites do not offer or does it in a way, which is unique or both. So actually USP means the visitor experience. Now when we see the topic from this angle, USP can be rational or image based, or both.

This definition gives us more alternatives to build USP, because the image, or brand is now in the picture. A marketer can use the product benefits, design benefits, easy navigation, offers, his own image and many other factors. It is important to note, that the consumers decide, what is unique and whether this uniqueness is useful to them. The marketer only makes the suggestions.

2. The Image Needs The Content.

The brand is the fame, or image, which the target group has about the trademark. Most of it will be built with true experiences. The image alone is nothing, because that does not offer any benefits to the consumer. The ideal combination is the image and the strong, unique benefits.

3. Benchmark The Competitors And Make Better USP.

When you know the leading brands in your online home business niche, research them and pick the arguments with which they are marketing. Think, how you could make the promise easier for the consumer. Could you improve these promises by adding something, which add consumer value.

4. USP Must Offer Concrete Benefits.

USP just cannot be something very general, it must offer specific benefits to be able to build a brand. Marketers must be brave to narrow down the offer and not afraid about the size of te market. More concrete USPs convert better, so the website does not need so many visitors.

5. Put Yourself Into Fire.

One way, which nobody can copy is to use your own personality in all marketing. The personal strategy is very strong and the site visitors like, when they see the owner himself at work. This is the way, how many known names in the online home business industry builds their names and the guru images. When they become known marketers, the name itself works in the marketing and can build the uniqueness.

But still the USP and the uniqueness must be in place. They, and only they, have the power to build the success stories. USP is something, which a marketer should plan with the time. The problem is, that when it is executed, it is so easy to copy. This aspect is important and a wise marketer plans USP around things, like his own personality, which cannot be copied.

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