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determine how their own abilities will generate sufficient money.

The Strategic plan guides mission fulfillment by articulating goals, action steps, and resources.

In contrast, “A business plan is typically focused on the actions and investment necessary to generate income from a specific program or service.

The Strategic planning might start by articulating the organization’s vision and values and then action plans to achieve the vision while adhering to those values. Some planners prefer a particular approach to planning, like as grateful inquiry. Some plans are scoped to one year, many to three years, and some to five to ten years into the future. Some plans include only top-level in sequence and no action plans

A business plan, by evaluation, shows how an organization will coordinate tasks to deliver on its goals and include great detail about time frames and roles, usually for a one year Period. It is equivalent to what many nonprofit capacity builders would identify as a “work plan.


A strategic plan is a document that is primarily intended to be used internally by the organization, to guide itself. In some cases, in fact, in many cases the strategic plan is never seen by anyone outside the organization. It often contains information about organizational strategy that a company might not want in the hands of its competitors

A business plan, on the other hand, is typically meant to be used to explain others. For example, if a company needs to draw investors, the investors will want to have assured in sequence about the company before they entrust to investing. They surely will want present financial in sequence, and they will want to know where the company expects to get revenues in the prospect, its market, and so on. A bank looking at giving a loan to an organization will want similar information.


Strategic planning is a high level process which deals with establishing the Vision and Mission of the organization, its Values, key Objectives and Focus Areas, and Key Performance Indicators. If this is done well, there will usually only be minor tinkering as the Plan is revisited and revised each year

A business plan will have an operational plan for each function as well as the financials and will produce lower level objectives and action plans which tie back into the Strategic Plan. Specific Key Performance indicators will be developed for each functional area


giant picture philosophy about the social and managerial prospect, and decisions about how to understand an organization’s mission with exact goals, objectives, strategies, and resources and involve stakeholders in the procedure in opposites Operationalization with the purpose to ensure financial success, guide performance, and ensure sustainability of the organization or venture as a vehicle for achieving larger goals

: Vision and Mission or desired future state and organizational purpose external and internal future may be articulated

: Definition of the venture – identifying programs, products, operational activities and the impact


: Goals, objectives, theory of change – long-range outcomes, intermediate outcomes, and intentions for the impact these actions will have in advancing a desired future

: Staffing and management structure, roles and responsibilities – including relevant experience, skills, and accomplishments


: Program plans -action strategies that are likely to be effective and are well-suited for the organization to advance vision/mission

: Financial requirements initial capital, cash flow, restricted revenue, recordkeeping for different sources


: Resource development – policies, principles, and practices for generating revenue that are well-matched to the goals and values.

: Revenue projections – break-even point, profitability, reinvestment or reserves


: my philosophy there is not one successful that doesn’t plan and work, strategic planning purely as a matter course. Surely it should be all over the organizations. The business plan is much more money driven. a strategic plan doing a lot more about the population, dream, and absolutely about how to bring in funds. But in the business plan, the market research is quite different and much more listening carefully on specific products, and exact services. It’s in some ways more general, in some ways more inclusive.


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