Liugong Main Product From The Construction Machinery Market Trends To See Changes

Written by admin on August 29th, 2011

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Liugong : Diversification and globalization efforts to promote business growth Financial crisis Construction Machinery Far-reaching influence on the industry, at present, the statistics obtained from all data, showing a general decline in industry-wide trend. How the financial crisis, market opportunities, seize opportunities, to become a business topic. Among these, Liugong its rich product line and in the status of the sub-sectors, reflecting the status of some industries, quite universal. Overall, as at the end of the development goals set more optimistic this year, Liugong so far this year have not fully achieve the intended objectives. But the concern is that some of its products from the industry environment but ran out of the independent market, showing strong vitality, increasing rather than reducing sales. The following reporters will be more mature from the Liugong types of products??? Loader, Excavators, road rollers, motor graders starting from trying to Glimpse the industry development trend. Loader: the fate of different products in different Loader is affected by the financial crisis, one of the largest construction machinery products, last year, some manufacturers even once trapped in a “zero-output” dilemma. This year, the industry’s performance can not be optimistic about the first 4 months, the total industry sales fell 38%. In such a decline in wave Liugong can not spared. It is understood that the first 4 months of the year Liugong loader sales of more than 8,800 units, down 22.8%. Liugong Sell Branch Vice President Tam said that the data rate is superior to the industry downturn, but also better than many competitors. At the same time, due to smaller drop, Liugong increase market share 3.5 percentage points year on year. “As of May data will be better, although there has been no authoritative statistics, but according to forecasts from 1 May this year the market share is expected to increase 3.7 percentage points year on year.” Tam says. Liugong the market downturn has been able to grab a bigger market share, the biggest reason is that it follows the pattern of changes in the market. Tam said that at present, short wheelbase loaders are affected by light load, while the long wheelbase of the heavy loader by the impact is relatively small. Liugong edge products side just under the heavy loader. From the user point of view, the construction of smaller enterprises in the financial crisis in the hardest hit. Both of these businesses the purchasing power of working conditions or limitations, their demand is concentrated in the short wheelbase of light-load side loaders. Heavy Loader’s users are mostly large-scale factories, mines and large construction firms that are strong anti-risk ability, and therefore the impact is relatively small. This leads to sharp drop in sales when the loader industry, the company’s performance are quite different. Some with light load loader for the main products of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises which are more significantly affected. The Liugong benefited from the financial crisis, successfully expanded its market share. This signal is not out of the woods for some loader enterprises, undoubtedly has a strong market-oriented. Excavator: the rise of strong national brands Excavator is the most representative of the engineering machinery products. China’s excavator market was once foreign brands among themselves. Into the 21st century, Liugong, 31, Yuchai, Fukuda Revo Heavy Industries and other companies take up the task of the rise of national brand excavator. Financial crisis influence on the excavator market is not small. Liugong 1 to 4 months of this year sales of 920 units of excavators, down 3%, basically to achieve the desired data. Encouraging the industry this year is that own brand excavator products in the market increasingly eye-catching performance was. Liugong the excavator in the previous year on the outside Volvo Last year, 31 heavy machine also achieved the transcendence of the Volvo. The two companies officially among the digging machine industry’s most powerful corporate names. Among these, 31 heavy machine’s performance is more prominent, 1 April this year, sales reached 2,100 units, the statistical data in the industry came in fifth place. Only the top surface Komatsu, Doosan, Hitachi and Kobelco four foreign-invested enterprises (Changzhou sales of modern and contemporary Beijing 2080 units and 1280 respectively, Taiwan, the association data as two business statistics). Tam believes that the financial crisis, made calls from the majority of the fist companies are concerned about their problems can gain a firm foothold. 31 heavy machine in a very long recognized that the share of products you want to achieve the improvement must seize the initiative, actively pursued Marketing Strategy to expand market share. He said, Liugong also been aware of the problem, are now actively adjust their marketing strategies. The convenience of business services in China are foreign enterprises and beyond, and they are actively improve their service capabilities, hoping to seek greater development. Liugong System Management Minister, said Gong Xun, Liugong will continue to stick to their product development orientation in order to achieve self-enhancement.

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