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Written by admin on July 30th, 2011

What is WSSFX Pattern? WSSFX Trend can be a program depending on pivot, pattern, moving regular, and so on which may enable you to to figure out market movement.Grab A Duplicate Click on Here

WSSFX 9.four.3 is actually a method based on easy breakout pivot method acquire at buy region and market at sell location, consider revenue twenty pips and quit loss 30 pips. This technique works superior with significant pair only.

The right way to utilize it? It’s basic :
one.Opt for currency, instance : GBPUSD
2.Trade at the most effective time only, instance : The most effective time for GBPUSD is 07.00 GMT (before United kingdom market open)
three.Follow our buy/sell signal, you can use our TP and SL recomendation or use your personal.

Have a good trade!

Easy methods to use

*Currency : All Currencies
*Best Time frame : 1H (suggested), you can attempt with all TF
*UP Arrow (Red) = Purchase SIGNAL
*DOWN Arrow (Green) = Market SIGNAL
* It could assist you to study the present trend (UP or DOWN)
* Red Trend = DOWN TREND
*Lime Pattern = UP TREND
*Best Timeframe : 15M (suggested), you are able to try with all TF
* If LK_FDI previously mentioned 1.5 = SIDEWAYS TREND
*If LK_FDI beneath 1.5 = TRENDING
* Fairly beneficial if we combine it with SuperTrend (see indicator above)
*It can allow you to to know the marketplace time zone information

The way to use:Grab A Duplicate Click on Here

Currency : All Currencies
Top Time-frame : 1H (suggested), you’ll be able to attempt with all TF
Line 8/8 ¡ì¨² 0/8 (Greatest Support and Greatest Resistance).
Those lines are probably the most powerful regarding Assistance and resistance.
Line 7/8 (Weak, Location to Quit and Reverse).
This line is weak.

If suddenly the price was heading as well rapidly and also much and stops around this line it means the cost will reverse down highly quickly. In case the cost did not stop close to this line this price will carry on the movement for the line 8/8.
Line 1/8 (Weak, Place to Quit and Reverse).
This line is weak. If all of a sudden the price was going also rapidly and as well far and stops close to this line it means the cost will reverse up particularly shortly. When the price didn’t quit near this line this cost will carry on the movement down for the line 0/8.
Line 2/8 and 6/8 (Pivot, Reverse)
Those two lines yield the line 4/8 only to the strength to reverse the price motion.
Line 5/8 (Best of Investing Assortment)
The price is investing the about 40% with the time around the motion in between the lines 5/8 and 3/8. In case the cost is shifting close to line 5/8 and stopping near the line in the course of the 10 – 12 days so it means that it’s needed to sell in this “bonus zone” (some persons are performing like this) but when the price is keeping the tendency to remain previously mentioned 5/8 line, so it means that the cost will likely be over. But if the cost is droping below 5/8 line it means that the cost will continue falling for the subsequent level of resistance.
Line 3/8 (Bottom of Investing Assortment).
If your cost is below this line and in uptrend it means that it is going to be pretty tough for the price to interrupt this stage. If the price broke this line throughout the uptrend and staying previously mentioned in the course of the 10- 12 days it indicates the price is going to be above this line during the 40% of its time moving among this line and 5/8 line.
Line 4/8 (Main Support/Resistance Line).
It is the main line concerning support and resistance. This leve is the better for the new sell or acquire. It really is the powerful degree of support of the cost is above 4/8. It can be the good resistance line in case the price is beneath this 4/8 line.

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