Work at Home – Successful Secrets of the Wealthy

Written by admin on July 23rd, 2011

Article by Jeff Casmer

A few years ago if you had said that the economy was in decline I would have panicked like everyone else but because I work at home I’m not crying in a corner wondering what I’m going to do.

Working at home offers many benefits. Of course you save money on gas since you don’t have to get up for the morning commute; I also like to think I’m doing my share for the environment by working from home. You save on lunch and clothes and there are tax benefits if you work at home. But none of those are the cause of my sleeping easier at night.

When you work at home you suddenly become aware of more income generating opportunities. And among them are methods of creating residual income. These are when you work once but get paid over and over again. For example, if you wrote a book, each time you sold a copy you’d be earning a residual or passive income. It’s when you get paid for what you did rather than what you do.

Majority of people look for linear income job opportunities because that’s what we’ve been taught and are used to. You get up, go to your job, perform certain tasks through out the day and then get paid by your boss. Like many people who want to work at home, I decided to cut out my boss. I thought by being self employed I’ll have a greater chance of getting financial freedom. But creating financial freedom online via linear income opportunities is a lot of work.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a little lazy. I figure if I’m going to work at home, I don’t want to work more than I did when I worked outside the home. Nor do I want to get myself in the same financial trap that my old job put me in.

Unfortunately, a number of work at home jobs do this, because they only offer a linear income. Sell an item, get paid, find some one else to sell the item to. Or do a task, get paid, do the task again, get paid. I’m not knocking these jobs. I’m teamed up with several legit work at home companies that offer these types of jobs but I wanted financial freedom and I knew I wasn’t going to get by being a slave to the linear income mentality.

The best way to grow wealth is with passive income. Instead of selling an item once and getting paid, sell the item to the same person over and over again. For instance, if you sold a membership to a website all your subscribers would have to renew their subscription.

Therefore wherever you were, even if you were sleeping or sick you’d make money because each and every time a person bought or renewed their subscription you’d earn money.

Once I teamed up my linear and passive income making strategies, I was making a lot more money without doing any more work. I am no longer worried about my financial future. I’m not having an anxiety attack because I can’t meet my bill payments and I no longer feel the way many people who work at home do, that is-scared that they may not have another customer for weeks.

Combining linear and passive income strategies is the best way to work at home; it’s the best way to grow wealth.

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