Why You Need a Tax Professional When Facing a Wage Levy

Written by admin on July 3rd, 2011

If the Internal Revenue Service has placed a tax levy on your wages, you need the help of a tax professional, now.  The Internal Revenue Service can seize approximately 75% of your income out of every paycheck.  How can you expect to survive on 25% of what you earn?

It’s a proven fact that the Internal Revenue Service makes a better deal when you are represented by a tax professional.  Because you have a tax levy against you, the IRS has colored you uncooperative.  When you have representation, the IRS sees this as you taking the problem seriously and considers that you might actually be willing to work things out.  

A tax professional knows how to “walk the walk and talk the talk.”  They can speak in the same jargon as the IRS agents and reach a mutual understanding under better circumstances than you.  The Internal Revenue Service often gives a positive response to a tax professional much faster than to a taxpayer with no representation.

There are myriads of possible outcomes with a levy on wages.  A tax professional is familiar with all of them and can work to get the best concessions for your personal and financial circumstances.  Your representative will not just roll over and do as told.  They will negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service in order to reach the best possible terms for you.

Often, the Internal Revenue Service will reject a filing because of minor technical errors.  Your tax professional is trained not to make those mistakes.  The IRS works from equations the bureaucracy has developed over the years.  Tax professionals are familiar with the Internal Revenue Service equations and will use such information to get you the best possible result.

Negotiating a wage levy is no job for an amateur.  This is not the time to begin learning about how the Internal Revenue Service operates.  You should have taken some time to figure that out before this got out of control.  Now, you need help and you need it badly.  You are facing off with the best debt collections operation in the world and they have already designated you a problem.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to negotiate a wage levy on your own.  Hire a tax professional to represent your interests to the Internal Revenue Service.  They have the experience, knowledge, and negotiating skills it is going to take to resolve this matter in your best interest.

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