Real Estate Investing Mistakes To Avoid

Written by admin on July 1st, 2011

Article by Jonas Jonsson

You’ve no doubt seen them or read them. Glossy ads or four-color spreads in magazines and newspapers promising to teach you all the juicy details about successful real estate investing. And all you have to do to learn all these real estate investing secrets is to pay a rather high sum for a one-or two-day seminar.

Often these slick real estate investing seminars claim that you can make smart, profitable real estate investments with absolutely no money down (except, of course, the hefty fee you pay for the seminar). Now, how appealing is that? Make a profit from real estate investments you made with no money. Possible? Not likely.

Successful real estate investment requires cash flow. That’s the nature of any type of business or investment, especially real estate investing. You put your money into something that you hope and plan will make you more money.

Unfortunately too few newbies to the world of real estate investing think that it’s a magical type of business where standard business rules don’t apply. Simply put, if you want to stay in real estate investing for more than, say, a day or two, then you’re going to have to come up with money to use and invest.

While it may be true that buying real estate with no money down is easy, anyone who’s even made a basic real estate investment (like buying their own home) knows there’s much more involved in real estate investing that can cost you money. For example, what about any necessary repairs?

So, the number one rule people new to real estate investing should remember is to have available cash reserves. Before you decide to actually do any real estate investing, save some money. Having a little money in the bank when you start real estate investing can help you make more profitable real estate investments in rental properties, for example.

When real estate investing in rental properties, you’ll want to be able to select only qualified tenants. If you have no cash flow when real estate investing in rental properties, you might be pressured to take in a less qualified tenant because you need somebody to pay you money so that you can take care of repairs or lawyer fees.

For any type of real estate investing, meaning rental properties or properties you buy to resell, having cash reserved can allow you to ask for a higher price. You can ask for a higher price from your real estate investment because you won’t feel financially strapped as you wait for an offer. You won’t be backed into a corner and forced to accept just any offer because you desperately need the money.

Another downfall of many new to real estate investing is, well, greed. Make a profit, yes, but don’t become so greedy that you ask for ridiculous rental or resale rates on any of your real estate investments.

Those new to real estate investing need to see real estate investing as a business, NOT a hobby. Don’t think that real estate investing is going to make you rich overnight. What business does?

It takes about six months to determine if real estate investing in for you. If you’ve decided that, hey I love this, then give yourself a few years to really start making money. It usually takes at least five years to become truly successful in real estate investing.

Persistence is the key to success in real estate investing. If you’ve decided that real estate investing is for you, keep plugging away at it and the rewards will be greater than you imagined.

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