Market Trend Signal Stock Trading System

Written by admin on July 1st, 2011

Article by Jesse Webb

Learning to invest in the stock market can seem like a daunting mystery to many people. I’ve been trading the markets for 14 years and I think it can actually be made quite simple so I developed a stock trading system that both professionals and average investors are using. The system is called Market Trend Signal™. Let me explain several of the key features and functions. It includes several dynamic features including a daily newsletter called The Market Trend Newsletter. I write the daily newsletter which provides key insights to the investing system and the stock market. Users can login to the letter online or get it after the market closes via email each day. The trading system was tested to have over 90% accuracy on long term market signals, giving any trader the chance to be on the right side of the market as they make trades on individual stocks. It has proven to be extremely accurate, although some stocks may not back test with that high an accuracy, many stocks have massive reward to risk ratios, some stocks have as high as 20 to 1 so the percentage of winners traders may have doesn’t need to be as high. For example some stocks average 40% on each winner and 8% on each looser. Most stocks receive 4-6 trade signals per year.

Market Trend Signal™ provides current market conditions; suggested trading for the current market conditions as well as two model portfolios to follow. Even more important than the newsletter is the web-based software. The Market Trend Signal software has a robust stock screener that finds specific stock trade set ups based on parameters each user chooses, or predefined parameters set by the development team. The system has similarities to IBD and Vector Vest, which are also effective systems, but I find Market Trend Signal™ to be easier and faster to use. There is not as much fundamental data as you might find with IBD, because the system is developed around price and I explain very clearly my book Trend Following Stocks rational for why price includes all fundamental data, and why price encompasses any and all fundamental information both known and anticipated. The Market Trend Signal software is really focused on stocks and ETF’s although I can get FX quotes and signals as well. I do not give futures data or signals.

The Market Trend Signal stock investing system allows you to back test stocks you’re interested in following, as well as, create watch lists of stocks to trade in the future. The back test feature displays a stocks statistical personality or trading “characteristics” within the Market Trend Signal stock trading system. This allows investors to trade only stocks that fit their level of risk and anticipated volatility. For example, just recently a recommendation to buy MIPS around was given; it’s now over . TZOO at it’s now over . Those are only a few we’ve traded. I developed an amazingly cool stock charting program within Market Trend Signal™ that shows specific Buy, Sell, and Hold signals that are color coded on the chart. This is for over 8000 stocks as well as ETF’s. Market Trend Signal is an End-of-Day system so you won’t have to be glued to a computer all day. Simply get new signals each day and enter your trade order with your specific broker that night or morning. This stock trading system is not really for fast paced day-traders (although many use it to find trending stocks), it’s designed for swing and position trading (3 days to 6-8 weeks). This tends to give most stocks enough time to have a strong trending move. The monthly charge for the service is .95 per month. The system is easy, the picks are very high probability trades and customer support is friendly and helpful. Learn more at

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