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Written by admin on July 7th, 2011

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In the current digital, Network Era, the media industry environment and market structure is undergoing profound changes, the development of high technology to the media industry, production, dissemination and the audience’s reading habits to bring a broad and profound impact. China’s media industry is at an important period of development, how to keep up with the trend of strengthening interaction with users, to encourage audience participation, encouraging the traditional media and new media, technology enterprises operators Cooperation Win-win situation, to promote the innovation of the traditional newspaper industry is our common concern of journalists. Just concluded in Beijing, the World Media Summit 2009 is also the traditional media, how to respond to the challenges of digital and network technology as an important issue, indicating that digital media has become a global issues of common concern. Recent years, the Press and Publication Administration and the media in promoting the industry’s efforts to explore under, the Chinese press of digital both in theory and practice are developing in depth. Hangzhou newspaper group as well. Hangzhou newspaper group can be said is the first attempt to paper media, multimedia transmission Newspaper Group. December 6, 1993, when the “Hangzhou Daily? Afternoon Edition” on-line service network through the spread of Hangzhou, China opened the prelude to electronic newspapers. Renmin University of China Professor Fang Hanqi editor of the “History of Chinese Journalism and Communication,” which shall be recorded. 2000, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Net Daily founder; 2003, Hangzhou, Hangzhou newspaper group investment figures TV Companies; in 2004, Hangzhou newspaper group launched in Hangzhou on-line “Hangzhou Daily,” “City Express”, “Daily Commercial News” PDF version, also founded “Xiaoshan Daily” subordinate Xiaoshan network. 2005, the Hangzhou newspaper group in China investigated after a number of well-known website that communication technologies are breaking down boundaries of the media to promote the integration and restructuring of the media, the newspaper cross-media, cross-regional development, in the big media industry layout of a new strategy in the implementation of leapfrog development provides a good opportunity. In the same year, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the first newspaper group in the development and full implementation of the development strategy of the digital press. Hangzhou newspaper groups are: the development of new media technology to grasp the trend of newspapers in the province to maintain the Group’s leading position in the market, while building a large media industry structure, the completion of two strategic industrial and institutional transformation from a newspaper group to changes in the modern media group, a cultural industry strategic investors. Hangzhou newspaper group of strategic plans and initiatives include the following. First, innovative newspaper industry, reported net to promote integration. News Group Newspapers industry is an important industry and an important pillar of brand resources, the content is to create a strong production capacity, implementation of the leapfrog development. Innovative publishing industry will focus on using advanced communication technologies and the spread of new ideas, speed up the intelligence network integration, to solve a single press mode of transmission, lack of interaction issues, traditional media will display a new vitality. 2005, at the original PDF version, based on the Group in Hangzhou, Hangzhou reported major press release the number of online reports. In 2006, the network press ahead with the reported interaction, cooperation with the website launch, “reported net e action”, “hot-line chat” and other sections, build the government, media, interactive platform for readers Trinity, set up for readers and users all aspects involved in running the newspaper platform. In early 2008, “Hangzhou Daily,” co-organized with the Hangzhou network roll press, in newspapers, websites and launched a “rolling news.” 2008 year, Hangzhou newspaper group decided to implement the “one newspaper network” speed up the convergence report. Hangzhou network as a unified technology platform, “Hangzhou Daily,” “City Express”, “Daily Business Daily”, “Xiaoshan Daily”, “Fuyang Daily”, “Review of urban and rural” have reported the same brand of network and many forms of online content publishing products. Comprehensive editorial staff also started training for the part of journalists equipped with digital cameras, camera, voice recorder and notebook computers, to create all the media editorial team.

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