Guangzhou appliance repair small card complaints 1194 Mo credulity

Written by admin on July 9th, 2011

Fake ” Suning Professional electrical maintenance company “and more than 10 appliance repair companies,” Li Gui, “name of the Guangzhou Municipal Electric Association a service member’s name, provided it is” Zhicijiagao, or even a security risk “in Service Members of the public should be careful. Reporter yesterday learned that the first half of the Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau, the City Council “12 315 “Appliance repair hotline complaints received up to 1194. City Council official says, is a time when the peak summer home appliance malfunction, consumers should not rely on home delivery of newspapers or a mixture of small cards such as appliance repair Advertisement , Mostly printed above a false address or non-existent, the business sector, the Council is difficult to trace and recover damages for consumers.

Buy Car Increase in contract dispute The first half of this year, Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau, the City Council through the “12315” hotline to handle consumer inquiries applications (to vote) v. reported 67,030 cases, down 21.75%. Of these, the Advisory 47575, Application (vote) v. 14 724, reported 4731, save consumers a total loss of almost 5 million yuan. Application has gone through (to vote) v. 13 394 cases, 88.53% mediation success rate. Where to buy a car contract dispute, after-sale warranty upward trend in complaints, a total of 275. However, the focus of consumer complaints are still Mobile , TV, computers and other high-end electronic products quality and after-sale “three guarantees” and so on, respectively, 3567, 1966, 1154; and Clothing , Footwear Returns, Warranty and cosmetics allergy how to use the claim, as well as tobacco and alcohol to identify true and false, drinks Food Expired deterioration problems, unauthorized opening of telecom operators, fees, communication signal, and prepaid card can not recharge issues, and food type restaurants, food and health problems is greater. Is worth mentioning that 12 315 hotline has also received reports of the franchise contract, a total of 57 cases involving 28 companies, mainly reflected by the concessionaire and the concessionaire entered into after joining the marketing contract fee, not according to contract execution problems. 63 complaints, “Li Gui,” Appliance Repair Many people live in the district, newspaper inserts often can be seen in the small appliance repair company cards and promotional leaflets. Ms. Huang public telephone according to the above so-called “professional service Suning Appliance Company” came to repair TV, despite paying high maintenance costs, but the TV still under warranty repair the same fault occurs, Ms. Huang asked warranty call rejected . Guangzhou City Council responsible person, in the first half, “12315” hotline received 1,194 complaints related to home appliance repairs, involving counterfeit, fictitious business and address the main complaints reported 63, the more prominent is fake “Sino-professional refrigeration appliance repair company,” “Suning professional service companies” more than 10 home appliance repair company.

These “Li Gui,” name of Guangzhou City, electrical maintenance industry associations on behalf of a member in the delivery of promotional leaflets to “free checking, home service, preferential price” and other gimmicks to attract business, but provide “quality time high prices, even a security risk, “the maintenance services. The head suggest that failure is a time when the peak summer home appliances, advises consumers to reputable regular maintenance company, or call the appliance repair industry associations in Guangzhou Consulting. Not rely on a mixture of home delivery appliance repair or newspaper ad, or if taken in flyer issued because the company name and address were false addresses or non-existent, the business sector, the Council will be difficult to trace, and for consumers recover losses. Network prepaid card purchases over false Chen the public because “low-cost network fee” preferential choose to install a nominal “integrity network technology company in Guangzhou,” the broadband business, after the opening of broadband is not working, after the company reported barrier was no longer deal . To an investigation found that the company invented the so-called business entities through the provision of broadband service charges.

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