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Written by admin on July 27th, 2011

Every successful business must offer a reliable product or service (POS.) And a good POS must solve a problem for someone, at a cost they’re willing to pay. It’s tempting to think that as soon as I offer a unique POS, people will beat a path to my door. Not true. Potential customers must first become aware of the POS and must also recognize the benefit it provides. In an ideal marketing situation, these folks should already be searching for my exact POS when they come across my marketing efforts.


Think about how many thousands of POS are purchased every day in the U.S. alone. And remember that the Internet marketplace extends worldwide. The size of this global market is mind boggling-1.5 billion prospective customers are already connected to the Internet in more than 100 English-speaking countries. Many thousands of potential buyers exist for virtually any valid POS offered-IF it’s marketed properly. By the same token, competition is stiff in this marketplace. There are already hundreds of good potions, lotions, pills, magic berries, and weight-loss products. Some products solve problems that nobody even knows they have-so there is no demand. The POS that I choose must be somewhat unique, in demand, and not readily available elsewhere, such as in neighborhood drugstores or discount stores.  

Associating with a successful company removes the hassle of deciding which POS to offer. The parent company has already done the research for me. The marketing system provided by that company will largely determine how well I compete in the global marketplace. That is, how much money I can make. Today it’s a different ballgame, folks, from even just a few years ago. The potential rewards are huge. I’ve quickly realized that for me to participate successfully in this enormous marketing machine means joining someone who already has a proven system in place. When the system is really good, my job becomes simple. Not easy–but simple. I simply need to follow the system and do exactly what other successful marketers in my industry are doing. Will it require effort on my part? Of course. First I’ll have to learn the system-that’s where really good corporate training comes in. Then I’ll need to set things in motion according to that training, and keep a watchful eye on my business. Remember, as an independent associate, this is mybusiness. My level of success depends upon how much effort I put into my business. If the system is already proven to work, and the products or services are already proven to be in demand, then my job becomes to work the system to market those POS.  Oh yes, and then collect the rewards-the money. This last part I already know how to do very well. Wow! I wish graduate school had been this simple.  

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