Which credit counseling agenices are good?

Written by admin on June 5th, 2011

There are many credit counseling agencies in existence, but only a few worth looking into if your in credit troubles.  Once you invest into one, it is very hard to go back, so careful research will give the answer on which is the right one for you that will not steal your money.  Here are a few tips to know if a credit counseling agency is good:

1)  Internet reviews!  Other than the website itself, what do people on the Internet say about the agency?  Is the credit counseling agency giving what they promise?  What do the people say about it?  Obviously, there will be one or two negative reviews, but for the most part, what is the overall opinion?  If the majority is good, then there is a good chance the credit counseling agency is decent.

2)  Ask around to people you know in a subtle way!  It probably would not be the best idea to go ask someone if there credit is bad and ask them what agency they went to.  Maybe a good way would be to ask if they have ever heard of credit counseling agencies and if they know any agencies’ reputation.  Some of your friends or family may have even tried one and can give you an honest review.  This will help in determining your choice for the credit counseling agency that you will use.

3)  Call them!  This does not mean call them and ask them if they are good.  Call them and decide how you feel their customer service is.  Customer service can tell a lot about a company and if you find them friendly and helpful, that is a plus.  However, if you find them quick and rude, you can scratch that agency off quick.

4)  Get a price quote!  If their price is outrageous, automatically disregard them.  A credit counseling agency should be very low priced and try to get you out of debt, not pile on the debt.  Find out the price and compare it to other agencies before deciding.

5)  Find out the length of the program!  If the program drags out for ten-fifteen years, then you don’t need it.  A good program may be five years at most and the program will be paid off.  A longer program means more money for them and this means they are looking to rip you off.

Credit counseling programs should be researched with a little skepticism and then a decision should be made around these facts.

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