When Deep In Debts, Credit Counseling is Your Savior

Written by admin on June 21st, 2011

Article by Jackiee Shepherd

One of the main concerns in economical and financial unstable times is to fulfill your credit obligations. But how do you meet your colossal debt payments in such tough situations? In desperation, you might end up filing a bankruptcy. Consumer credit counseling is an aid to come out of the difficult times and also a way to upgrade your credit score and choose some better ways like debt settlement or debt consolidation.

You need credit counseling, if you fall in one of the given categories.

* If you are in debts beyond your resources but intending to enhance your credit worthiness and not end up insolvent.

* If amendments in the terms of credit namely interest rates, place you in a comfortable position to repay debts.

* You have reasonable corresponding resources but getting restive due to massive debts.

* If you failed to get a revised repayment plan from your creditor.

Consumer Credit Counseling – A Brief Insight

Began in the mid 20th century, consumer credit counseling is a process to educate consumers grappling with huge debts, unable to meet timely obligations. Credit counseling includes debt restructuring or debt management plan enabling the consumer regain debt repayment capacity and trim any imminent dent in credit scores. Besides assisting in restructuring debt, credit counseling also helps in better evaluation of financial situation and resources.

Modus Operandi of Credit Counseling

Consumer credit counseling agencies often have a tie-up with creditors and offer non-judgmental advice. An expert guidance in the backdrop of a diminishing credibility enables you to negotiate restructuring better with your creditors. The information and data shared by you is kept highly confidential by the credit counselors and they incorporate easy modes to reach you at any point in time. E-mails, live chats on web portals, phone calls and even personal visits enable timely expert advice reach you. Subsequent to detailed discussions, they offer you customized solutions to avoid bankruptcy and consequently upgrade your credit standing.

Once you sign a suitable solution plan with the credit counseling agency, they will in turn pursue the same with the creditor. You need to pay the revised periodic repayments to the credit counseling agency which transfers the same to the creditor.

Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies

Though the rapidly growing industry comprises of few deceptive agencies, you can put your apprehensions to rest by associating with a Member of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA) or an agency affiliated with National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Pin your attention on the below aspects to avoid further undermining of your financial position:

* Most often credit counseling agencies do not charge unusually high fees for their services, so you need to be cautious of any high fee demanding agency.

* Once you make the regular periodic payments to the credit counselor, a timely enquiry regarding the onward transfer of the same funds to the creditor is advisable to avoid any odds of misappropriation of your funds.

Is Credit Counseling Free of Any Negative Cues to Creditors?

Though associating with a credit counseling agency and the subsequent most probable debt restructuring or management plan signals instability in your financial situation, it also is a testament to your intention to remain solvent and meet your obligations to the extent possible, which is much favorable to creditors than a bankruptcy. Creditors may consider lending in future to consumers with a past restructuring debt than a consumer with a bankrupt history.

So, you need not be concerned on your financial flux and reach out to a legitimate consumer credit counseling agency and have expert consumer credit counseling to enhance you present and future credit score.

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