Ways To Become Debt-Free Faster

Written by admin on May 1st, 2011

If you are one of the people who have debts now-a-days, you are not alone in the battle. There are surveys that say the average person carries with him about a number of hundred dollars on his credit cards, and most of the present-day people now have loans of all sorts: mortgage, car, and even student loans. And at this present state of our economy, the first thing that should be accomplished is paying off the credit cards, but unfortunately, credit cards have interests up to the neck that paying everything off seems like a close-to-being impossible thing.

Without further ado, everyone wants nothing more that for their monthly payments to be tremendously lowered, if not totally eradicated. So here is a small list on how you can try to be debt-free quicker and faster.


It would greatly help you if you will do things to drop your rate. It is a fact that an average credit card has an interest of about 14%. And fortunately enough, many credit cards are offering features that include special and low-rate introductory premiums, 0% for the first six months, for instance. It is wise to transfer your existing balance to a low-rate card instead, so that more and more opportunities in order for you to pay on a monthly basis will be applied to your principal rather than the interest only, and this in turn will drop your balance in a fast way. It would always be smart to ask around if your current credit card company is not offering you one.

Paying only half of the total balance you have, or even just the minimum amount, will mean that it will take you a longer time, years to pay your debt especially so if you have a 0% rate in interest. So, do everything to boost your payment to a degree that will allow you to settle your debts faster. Paying your debts more than the minimum amount will your best defense in paying off your balance in a short time. For instance, sending in an extra amount, say 0 or more, will help you pay the entire amount in just several months instead of years.

It would also help you if you will consider and look for a debt negotiator or consolidator, especially if you suddenly find yourself needing extra help than necessary. The negotiator or consolidator you will find can help you in negotiating with the credit card companies and then eventually ask for a new debt amount, if not for a lower interest rate. If the negotiator will be successful enough, he can help you cut down the total amount you owe to some 80% or even 60% of the original amount. This will ultimately mean that you will be able to settle things faster.

Once you have accomplished these first three things that can help you, it would also be easier to be conscious enough so as to stay debt-free for the remaining years. As much as possible, do not use your credit cards until you know to yourself that you can easily pay off the monthly balance. Daily expenses can be met using cash or debit and then reserve the credit cards for great purchases like electronics or appliances.

Taking one step at a time, no matter how small they are, can also total to something great in the future. Anyway, nobody makes a huge leap in his first time to attempt to walk, right? We all have to start somewhere usually small at first, and then the big steps will follow next. What is important is that you know how you are using resources properly so that you will not be in-debt forever.


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