Venture Capital & Private Equity Investments In Trading

Written by admin on May 2nd, 2011

Blackhawk has devoted itself to the belief that clients come first. That has led us to create a business model designed to serve the needs – and achieve the goals – of our Investors as well as our Advisory and Trading clients. By aligning our interests with those of our clients, Blackhawk has become a trusted partner for Investors and corporations worldwide. Many of the world’s top private family offices value Blackhawk’s careful stewardship of their capital and have entrusted us with ever-increasing levels of assets. Advisory clients in USA recognize that we bring a deep understanding of their strategic objectives and a commitment to provide effective solutions to all assignments. Trading clients in USA know better than anyone that in the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.

For Investors around world, “clients first” means that our firm and senior staff have committed their own capital to our Investment funds, aligning their interests closely with those of our Investing partners. For Advisory clients, it means that we are independent and conflict-free. And for Trading clients, it means that we operate the firm with integrity, prudence and a view toward creating long-term value. Investors and clients benefit from synergies across our spectrum of businesses, including alternative asset management, principle Investing, advisory, financing and restructuring activities. We have a culture and organizational structure that facilitates the appropriate sharing of insights and knowledge among all of our businesses, coupled with the ability to bring our full financial and intellectual resources to bear in creating compelling value. Our Financial Advisory team is highly regarded for its expertise in a wide range of mergers and acquisitions, private financings, structured corporate and real estate products and other transactions. Since the firm’s inception in 2004.

Blackhawk’s private equity team selects and arranges Private Equity Investments in the corporate and Real Estate sectors. For corporate investments, Blackhawk’s corporate team looks for investment opportunities in mid-size companies with capable managers, prominent positions in their industries, a strong track record and potential for growth. For Real Estate Investments, Blackhawk’s real estate team sources deals and performs extensive due diligence, and arranges financing and the acquisition of US properties that offer Blackhawk’s clients Investment opportunities with the potential for both strong cash flow and attractive capital gains, typically over a three to five year investment period. Blackhawk initially capitalizes real estate acquisitions and joint ventures with a combination of Blackhawk equity and third party debt. The transactions are typically aggregated into a series of multi-property portfolios for equity placement to our shareholders group of 22 family offices along with a core syndicate we have been co-investing with over the last two decades. As in corporate private equity, we offer our clients discretion on their investments into real estate portfolios. The properties are aggressively asset managed over the investment term to increase cash flow from operations and to build value until realization and exit. These are the types of businesses where Blackhawk’s approach which involves supporting management teams with a range of in house strategic and operational, as well as financial, resources, can most effectively increase value during our target three to five year holding period.

Above all, Blackhawk takes great pride in the caliber of its people and the collective track record they represent. Over the years we have made a concerted effort to attract and retain the best and most maverick minds in the business, with broad-ranging expertise in private equity, real estate, investment banking, leveraged finance, restructuring, M&A, trading and many other disciplines. Outstanding people have without a doubt one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission. For more Information fell free to check our Blackhawk partners site-:

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