Tracking Multichannel Campaigns With Digital Asset Management

Written by admin on May 17th, 2011

Marketing in the electronic age has taken on new challenges. What used to be a simple decision between mass mailing versus demographic targeting has developed into the difficult decision of which marketing arm should be used, who should handle creation of the content, and what will it take to manage prospects through every phase of a multichannel campaign. In fact, even long-term marketing strategies have changed from basic brand recognition attempts to offering interactive content that will keep visitors coming back.

The key to proper internet marketing lies in the use of many websites and web applications to provide a content rich network of quality advertisements. In other words, it’s necessary to build multiple, related advertisement products; offer them through several medias; and catalog responses and leads in a single integrated system. While some of these tasks are required for non-marketing events, it’s wise to utilize a digital asset management system to track all of the company’s digital content.

These management systems provide a cataloging of all the digital products from a company. From internal documents to training videos, blogs to videos, and even satellite websites, digital asset management solves one of the largest headaches that organizations face today. The ability to search through archived electronic media leads to a streamlining of creation and redistribution processes, as well as security from hackers and thieves.

Likewise, without a content management system in place, precious time and money is lost in the development phase of software development. These systems allow non-technical employees to quickly create and publish online media through simple, user-friendly interfaces. This allows IT staff to focus on building, repairing, and supporting company systems, while marketing staff is able to allow their creativity to flow without an interpretative medium.

While the focus of marketing is changing as time progresses forward, the core philosophy is still the same: show potential consumers what products and services are being offered, why they can’t live without them, and the perfect company from which to buy. With the internet connecting people and allowing easier methods for reaching buyers, it’s absolutely necessary to managed digital assets and content.

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