Tips for Using a Forex News Calendar to Your Advantage

Written by admin on May 11th, 2011

A forex news calendar is a helpful tool used by forex traders around the globe. It can help you make accurate predictions and careful analysis of your daily trading work.

The top trading screens for foreign exchange news which many traders rely on are from the following:

•Bridge Information Systems; and

Retail traders on the other hand depend on various reputable Internet resources. Retail US forex traders also rely on the information provided by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

A forex news calendar will be one of the main arsenals of any foreign exchange trader, or even foreign exchange companies and businesses. This calendar will outline a series of news and groundbreaking events which could be interpreted and analyzed if similar incidents could occur again and affect the forex market.

Fundamental and technical analysis, also used in reviewing forex trading alerts, signals and data provided by charts and graphs among other trading tools, should be used in interpreting the data provided by a foreign exchange news calendar. This will allow you to make educated predictions and well informed trading decisions.

Ask reputable forex trading consultants about the best forex news sources. You should also ask advice from your finance consultant and investment adviser on how to properly outline a useful forex news calendar which you can use while interpreting forex trading signals and alerts. This will help you avoid inaccurate information that could bring about misinformed trading decisions, which in turn will make you lose money and valuable time.

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