The Best Program To Generate Penny Stock Picks And Quickly Triple Your Investments

Written by admin on May 7th, 2011

Day trade programs or those which find smart stock picks so that you can trade accordingly in the short term have been revolutionizing the way that traders enter the market. All of the analytical work is done on your behalf so that all you’ve got to do is trade accordingly. Of course a program is only as good as its picks, and most programs fall short when it comes to delivering smart picks, let alone penny stock picks.

This article will shine a light on one particular penny stock picks program which has been garning positive reviews and picks across the board for some time now: Penny Stock Prophet.

Penny Stock Prophet as you can probably guess focuses entirely on penny stock picks when analyzing market data. This is a major advantage for this program because penny stocks are some of the most explosive and volatile investments to be made in the market.

This doesn’t sound like a good thing at first, but once you realize that if you act on the right picks then you can easily double or triple your investment over the course of a few hours. For this reason, many traders employ a program to use analytics to find penny stock picks.

What makes this program so precise and accurate at picking stocks is in how the process works. It takes the entire scope of the market into account every time it analyzes real time market data. It compares where the market has gone against real time data to identify overlaps between the two.

This is effective as the market travels in patterns which repeat themselves every several years, hence our economy going in and out of a recession every several years. So by identifying overlaps between where the market has gone and real time data, Penny Stock Prophet can put together a remarkably accurate depiction of where the market will go before it happens so you can trade accordingly. This is how the major stock houses trade themselves and there is a great deal of money to be made by doing this practice alone.

To give you a better idea of how the process works and what you can expect I’ll refer to my first pick I received from it. I bought the program and shortly thereafter received my first pick which was a stock which was then valued at 18 cents a share. I bought around 1000 shares via an online trading account of mine and using the stock symbol generated for me by the program and logged out.

I checked back in on that stock a few hours later to find it had sure enough taken a huge leap to 38 cents, more than doubling over the course of a few hours. It’s one thing to know that some stocks perform like this, but it’s another when you are actually invested in that stock yourself and are watching it climb. I admit it’s one of the best feelings I can think to experience.

It continued to climb the following day, eventually topping off for a time at 57 cents at which point I felt more than satisfied with my first pick and sold it all. I used much of my profits of more than triple my initial investment to reinvest in future picks which I recommend that you do, and the cycle continues.

I won’t embellish and tell you that every pick which I’ve received has earned me that kind of money and performed that well, but others have and out of every pick which I’ve received and acted on since getting the penny stock picks program, I’ve made money on 16 of 18 of them, so it easily boasts the greatest winning rate of any system I’ve ever used, as well.

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