The Beauty of a House Exchange

Written by admin on May 16th, 2011

So many homeowners have been looking for qualified buyers so that they can move on with their lives. In many cases, a new job is waiting somewhere, if only the owner can find a buyer for their home. In other cases, a seller just wants to be closer to their family. Yet neither of these cases will come to fruition unless a real offer is made that comes close to the terms that are needed. Enter the house exchange.

It may be that the frustration of waiting for the housing market to settle itself has motivated people to take matters into their own hands. That would certainly be understandable. A home is usually the largest investment and asset, that most people have, and consequently the process of closing an equitable deal on their very valuable possession is one of the most important transactions they will enter into.

Homeowners have discovered that it’s not as hard to find qualified buyers and sellers as they might have thought. In fact, it’s as easy as booting up the computer and hitting the right link. This is because there are now some websites that are in the business of connecting buyers and sellers who are more than ready to engage in a house exchange. They bring two parties together who are matched according to the terms desired by both parties, and the real value of the respective properties.

It’s taking off like a rocket. Those who were waiting for listings to produce the qualified parties, or their for sale signs to entice the right buyer, have found the deals they were looking for on a house exchange website. The groundswell of interest in this concept has produced greater and greater numbers of people who are turning to these kinds of sites to bring them the satisfaction they have been looking for.

What a simple concept it is, too. A house needs to be appraised regardless, and thus a real value is placed on the home. This value is then the offer that a buyer can make on a home they are interested in. The owner of that home has also had an appraisal done, and this becomes their primary selling point in effect. If the two parties can agree on dealing with any differences in home values that may exist, such as a cash settlement or a mortgage, then it’s simply a matter of opening an escrow account on each house and waiting for the deal to close.

The real beauty of a house exchange is the fact that only one broker needs be involved. This simplifies the paperwork process. Two escrows, two deals in tandem, one broker. It’s as simple as it gets, and it works.

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