Stock Assault 2.0 – Stock Picking Software Review

Written by admin on May 18th, 2011

Any investor who desires making money by investing in the stock market would be well advised to learn all the facts about Stock Assault 2.0, the software that automatically picks stocks whether or not you have any knowledge or experience in the world of bulls and bears or purchasing shares. Although its promoters say this program is robust enough to satisfy the most experienced day trader, Stock Assault 2.0 is also user friendly enough so even someone who has never read a stock ticker nor subscribed to the Wall Street Journal can easily get started buying and selling stocks for a good return on their investment.

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Surprisingly, the dollar value of the investor’s initial investment can be relatively low. In case you were thinking you had to be a player with the kind of deep pockets of a Warren Buffet or a Bill Gates, think again. This is not something you need to be a mega billionaire to gain benefits from. On the contrary, it is aimed more at the Joe Six-Pack market. As a matter of fact, the Stock Assault 2.0 promoters make the statement that you can get started with only to 0. This puts the power of artificial intelligence or robotic stock pickers well within pretty much any person’s reach.

Stock Assault 2.0, according to the company that makes it available, works like a robot to pick potentially profitable stocks more accurately than any human being could manage. No wonder. It was designed by a world class team of day traders over a span of five years, and it required a developmental budget of close to three million dollars. But the final outcome, so it is said, is a software program that becomes the equivalent of having an entire squad of veteran stock market experts sitting at your shoulder and telling you which shares are going to pay you the best fiscal returns.

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How good would these returns most likely be? If the promoters of Stock Assault 2.0 are to be believed, they are in the ballpark of an amazing 13,000 percent per annum. Put in more concrete terms, someone who starts off by investing 0 will be pocketing a hefty ,000 twelve months later, even after having skimmed off some profits after each successful transaction.

If a reader who is contemplating Stock Assault 2.0 is thinking at this juncture that it sounds too good to be true, then they should consider two additional factors that may influence their decision whether or not this software would be a sound investment. The first factor is the guarantee. Stock Assault is backed up by an iron clad guarantee of 60-days and 100% cash back. If, within a two month period a buyer finds this stock picking robot does not live up to its expectations, they can request and receive a full refund.

The second thing we find very attractive about this system is that a free, partial demonstration of Stock Assault 2.0 is available for testing. Our recommendation is that anyone who is seriously considering buying this artificial intelligence stock selector should first download the no-charge demo and give it a good test drive.

Click to Download Stock Assault Automated Stock Picks System

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