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Written by admin on May 23rd, 2011

Look Beyond the Big Names for a Law School in Sacramento

California has more than its fair share of great law schools. Stanford is at the top of many lists; though that doesn’t mean that U.C. Berkley, UCLA or USC don’t have fantastic law programs. Unfortunately, many people looking to attend Stanford’s Law Program do not get to because of Stanford’s 8.7% acceptance rate.

Law school in general is very hard to get into, so there is no shortage of people in Sacramento who are looking for another avenue after they didn’t get into law school. There are other options inside the justice system. A California Paralegal Degree might be just what these people are looking for.

Consider Enrolling in a California Paralegal School

California paralegal school graduates assist lawyers with various duties involving the cases they are working on. This includes reviewing and summarizing documents, interviewing clients and witnesses, and drafting legal documents. These duties are extremely important to the smooth operation of the law firm at which the paralegal works.

In order to get a California paralegal degree a person must enroll and complete the course of study in a California Paralegal School. The great thing about these schools is that an undergraduate degree isn’t required to enroll. The only requirement for education is a high school diploma or a GED.

Once accepted into a California paralegal school, students follow a course of study which generally takes 2 years to complete. During this period the students take classes on legal writing, criminal law, and civil litigation. This program helps prepare the students for all the situations and duties that they will face as a California paralegal. The hands-on nature of the education is important because it means that the students graduate job ready. From the day they get their California Paralegal Degree, they are ready to work and perform all the duties of a paralegal.

A California Paralegal Degree Can Open Many Doors for Anyone

So if you know someone who is disappointed by the fact that they were rejected by law school, or if you know someone just looking for a new career direction, let them know about a California Paralegal Program. Getting a California Paralegal Degree could be exactly what you need to start your new life working in the legal sector.

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