Protect Valuable Assets and Navigate Difficult Terrains with Latest GPS Technology

Written by admin on May 20th, 2011


Protecting valuable assets become easier with the latest GPS technology. Keeping track of valuable assets and packages with quality Garmin GPS not only makes them secure but also results in considerable drop in the insurance rates.

Covert Asset Tracking

Market is flooded with multiple applications meant for covert asset tracking. Applications range from small and portable to large and self powered units. When fitted to any of the valuable assets, the application indicates the exact location of the asset wherever it moves. Chances of unexpected loss can be substantially minimized using cutting edge GPS technology.

Loss Prevention System

Company owners dealing in substantially high value merchandise will benefit by preventing loss of goods in transit using the asset tracking device. Enhancement of supply chain shipment securities and considerable help for law enforcement agencies in recovering stolen assets are other benefits of the system.

Marine Navigation and GPS

GPS technology is not only good for covert tracking applications but also for marine navigation. Garmin marine gps in the entry level offers absolute security for the navigator. Inexpensive yet highly useful for marine as well as land navigation, correction data is obtained by the application from WAAS or the Wide Area Augmentation System. Most of the quality devices are lightweight as well as portable and contains in-built antenna enhancing their effectiveness. Biggest advantage of quality device is that once a place is located it need not be retraced again since the destination can be pre-set.

Finding Best Geocaching GPS

Selected geocaching GPS will depend on multiple factors. Purpose for which the device is going to be used is vital for selecting appropriate device. Millions of caches are stashed all over the worlds and terrains where they are stacked are different from each other on many counts. City geocachers require that the device receives signal even while walking down a busy street with tall buildings on either side of the road or while trekking in geographically difficult terrains.

Shore Catching GPS

Shore catching gps is an excellent tracking system and such devices are often preloaded with up to date marine maps as quick guide for the users off shore areas and islands. Typical shore catching gps are inexpensive yet durable handheld sets very effective for geocaching adventures.

Users should look for a reliable provider that would offer lightweight, waterproof and rugged device with good contrast display screen and long battery life for best use.

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